Kerri Walsh Jennings reveals she was pregnant during the London Olympics

Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor are the most dominant beach volleyball pairing in Olympic history, but it turns out they were more than just a pair at the London Olympics. The three-time gold medalists were a threesome. On Monday morning, Walsh Jennings revealed that she was carrying a baby during the memorable run.

“When I was throwing my body around fearlessly, and going for gold for our country, I was pregnant, and today I’m 11 weeks pregnant,” Walsh Jennings said on “The TODAY Show.”

Kerri and her husband, Casey Jennings, are expecting the newest addition to their family on April 9. They also have a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old son. Walsh Jennings said she and Casey began trying for their third child before the Olympics, but she didn’t realize they had succeeded until she felt strange during the Games.

“I’m a pretty happy girl and I was unreasonably moody,” she explained. “I thought it could have been the stress of the games and travel kind of throws your schedule off, but I knew. At some point, you’re late and then you start feeling something. And I definitely started feeling something in London.”

Kerri said it was May-Treanor who initially suggested she was “probably pregnant,” and her partner turned out to be right. Maybe that explains why they had to see a sports psychologist to improve their connection on and off the court.

For those of you who are wondering if she was endangering the baby by competing, NBC’s chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman insists there was virtually no risk to the fetus at all a mere five weeks into the pregnancy. And as for Rio 2016, Walsh Jennings said she fully intends to get back into shape and that the tiny Oakley bikini she has to wear serves as plenty of motivation — and we know how they respect those bikinis.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings work with sports psychologist to improve connection

If it feels like Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings have been around forever, it’s because they have. On Wednesday, they lost their first set since before the Athens Olympics in 2004 — and Walsh Jennings had pink eye. They are the defending gold medalists in women’s beach volleyball, having won the tournament at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. To say that the duo has been dominant in the 21st century would be an epic understatement.

However, their dominance has not come without distractions. London is the last time May-Treanor and Walsh Jennings will compete together. They are both married with families, and that can create obvious complications. In fact, Kerri says she feels as tho she is married to two people: her husband and Misty. With any marriage comes hurdles, which is why the two recently sought the help of a sports psychologist.

“I’ve known (Misty) for so long and I’m so close to her but I don’t know everything she’s thinking,” Walsh Jennings said according to NBC Olympics. “And it’s really important to just get on the same page and talk about those little things. Nothing’s too little.”

Even one of the most successful partnerships in Olympic history isn’t immune to the basic complications of life. If a sports psychologist helps Misty and Kerri win their third-straight Olympic gold and leave the volleyball world cemented in history, it’s worth every second they’ve spent in their counseling sessions.

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Kerri Walsh: We’re not the favorites to win the gold medal, yet

Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor have teamed to win the gold medal in beach volleyball at the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics. LBS spoke with Walsh recently, who is working with P&G on their “Thank you, Mom” campaign (like their Facebook page and they will donate $1 to the P&G|Team USA Youth Sports Fund), about her chances at winning a third straight gold medal. I asked her if she considers her team the favorites to win the gold medal.

“No, I don’t think we should be considered the favorite because of ’08 and ’04,” Walsh said. “That’s a long time ago, and the sport has evolved and gotten so much better. Last year we finished No. 2 in the world. We’re not happy with that. Between now and the time London rolls around, our goal is to secure the No. 1 seed.”

Even though the Olympics changed its uniform policy and will no longer require female beach volleyball players to wear bikinis, Walsh told LBS she’s planning to stick with the same uniform she has been wearing.

“This rule isn’t going to affect my uniform. I play in a bikini for a reason — because it’s the most functional, and that’s why it’s the most comfortable. When it’s 90 degrees out and you’re sandy and sweaty, you don’t want to be wearing a lot of clothes,” she explained. “That being said, I think this is a great rule and I love that they’re embracing other people’s religions and cultures.

“I don’t want any door closed to someone just because of a uniform. I want the sport to grow and to become as great as it can be, and for that to happen, we need everyone to be included.”

With the Games only a few months away, I asked how much different her training becomes. She said her training will begin to change.

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