Young lacrosse goalie levels opponent on penalty shot (Video)

This video comes to us from a middle school indoor lacrosse game in suburban Philadelphia, where one brave (and naive) young player thought it’d be a good idea to be like Patrick Kane and put some pazazz on his free play. As he trotted toward the net, he flipped the ball to himself twice. But the goalie wasn’t going to take any of that and rushed up to absolutely demolish him mid-second-flip, which, judging by the lack of appalled reactions from the adults, is perfectly legal.

The goalie, padded like he was about to defuse a bomb in “The Hurt Locker,” gave a”Yeah, son!” taunt to his now sprawled-out, seemingly dead nemesis before striking a “King of the World” pose as he got dap from his teammates. This has a happy ending, though. As the shooter headed back to his bench, both players shared a respectful glove pound. This, spoiled millionaire professional athletes, is called sportsmanship.

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Denver Lacrosse Team Bigger Draw than Nuggets, Avalanche

I bet most of you probably didn’t even know Denver had a lacrosse team. I bet many of you have a professional lacrosse team in your town and don’t even know it. I didn’t. But apparently the people of Denver happen to be quite interested in theirs. Matter of fact, the Colorado Mammoth draw more fans per game at 17,400 than the Nuggets and Avalanche. The Mammoth only play eight home games a year and have cheap ticket prices, but still, packing the house to watch professional lacrosse is impressive; I figure even lingerie lacrosse would have a tough time selling out.

So is there a future in this country for professional lacrosse? I doubt it. Even the team second in attendance — the Buffalo Bandits — attract just around 14,000 fans a game. Most others have a tougher time. I think one of the big factors hindering the popularity of lacrosse is its regional appeal. Growing up on the West Coast, there was no exposure to the sport. It looks like fun, but nobody plays it. Still, to outdraw a potential playoff team with superstar power like the Nuggets as well as the hometown favorite Avalanche, is equally impressive as it is shocking.

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