London Fletcher: Drama makes it harder to win

London-Fletcher-RedskinsBelieve it or not, the Washington Redskins won the NFC East title last season. That success is easy to forget when you look at their 3-12 record this season, which has included seven straight losses. If you ask London Fletcher, one of the differences between 2012 and 2013 for the Redskins is drama.

“I think what happens is, in the National Football League it’s tough enough to win on Sundays when you’re just competing against the opponent,” Fletcher told reporters on Thursday, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “But then when you add other dynamics to the situation, that makes it more difficult. Any time you have distractions, some people can block it out. Some people can’t. So it’s not a good thing when you’re dealing with stuff that you have to deal with beyond just the opponent.”

The veteran linebacker made sure to note that he does not believe the Redskins are 3-12 because of distractions — it just didn’t help. If nothing else, I’m sure the drama has made it almost impossible for the team to turn things around over the past month or two.

That said, Fletcher added that he has dealt with plenty of drama during his NFL career.

“I’ve been in Washington for seven years,” he said. “Of course … Oh yeah, ’09 was pretty bad. You had all kind of drama going on throughout the team and coaching. Just a lot of stuff. That was a pretty tough year.”

All players go through tough seasons. Redskins fans can only hope the 2013 season turns out to be the worst of Robert Griffin III’s career. With all the questions surrounding Mike Shanahan’s future and his decision to bench RG3, the past several weeks have been about much more than just X’s and O’s.

London Fletcher vomits on sidelines (Picture)


Has the pressure of trying to reach the playoffs become too much for London Fletcher? The Washington Redskins linebacker was seen vomiting on the sidelines during the second quarter of his team’s game against the Eagles on Sunday. Fletcher recorded his fifth interception of the season when he picked off Nick Foles, giving him 23 for his career, which is second among active linebackers, according to the Redskins. Between this and the incident involving his family last weekend in Cleveland, it’s been a busy week of headlines for the veteran linebacker.

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Report: London Fletcher’s family involved in postgame incident; aunt suffered heart attack (Update)

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher had little time to enjoy his team’s 38-21 win over the Browns in his hometown of Cleveland on Sunday. According to NewsChannel5 in Cleveland, Fletcher’s family was involved in a fight with Browns fans after the game that resulted in three of the linebacker’s family members getting arrested, and one ending up in the hospital.

NewsChannel5 reports that Fletcher’s family says they were attacked by an angry Browns fan after the game. Fletcher’s aunt, 57-year-old Evette Robinson, reportedly suffered a heart attack during the attack, and she was rushed to the hospital. The family says two of Fletcher’s cousins and one of his nephews were arrested by security.

Fletcher’s sister, Keair Hall, told NewsChannel5 that a security officer grabbed her cousin and started “beating on him” for standing on a chair. She says another cousin was leaving and an officer Tasered him, while five other officers joined in and began “beating on him” too.

Another family member says their problems began during the game.

“While the game was going on, first the fans were picking at us,” Fletcher’s aunt, Yvette Huston, told NewsChannel5. “We were getting things thrown on us. One of my nephews got punched in the face.

“The security grabbed my son by the chest and snatched him right in front of me … and he’s going to jail,” Huston said. “Then they start attacking our family.”

Hall says security was choking her aunt, which led to her heart attack. There has been no update on the condition of Fletcher’s aunt.

The Browns reportedly were referring all questions to the police and security company.

You can see NewsChannel5’s report below.

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London Fletcher to the media: ‘None of ya’ll gave us a chance!’

Very few people envisioned the Redskins beating the Saints at the Superdome on Sunday. The odds were stacked in favor of New Orleans. They had the home-field advantage, the playoff-contending team, the veteran quarterback and the explosive offense. Washington had a rookie under center and is trying to rebuild after a disappointing 5-11 season. Barring a major upset, the Saints would cruise to victory.

Major upsets happen in the NFL, especially at the start of the season when no one knows exactly how teams will perform. You can’t blame the media for making the logical choice and picking the Saints to win the game — unless you’re London Fletcher.

Bart Scott knows exactly how Fletcher feels, as he also attempted to shove the Jets’ surprising blowout over the Bills down the media’s throat on Sunday. Players love it when their team is seen as the underdog, but at the end of the day the media and so-called experts can only work with the information they have and make a reasonable prediction. Picking the Redskins to win at the Superdome in Robert Griffin III’s NFL debut would not have been reasonable.

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