Chances Aren’t: Browns Now 0-11 on Coin Tosses This Season

The Cleveland Browns are having such a difficult time this season, they can’t even win coin tosses, let alone games.

The Browns dropped to 4-7 on the season after losing to the Bengals Sunday. Even more improbably, they lost the coin toss for the 11th time this year.

That’s right, even though the chances of correctly calling a coin flip are 50-50, the Browns have managed to go 0-11 on coin flips. The odds against that are 2,048-1.

“Who keeps that stat? That’s what I want to know,” left tackle Joe Thomas said two weeks ago when the team had lost its first nine flips in a row.

Thomas said that the team didn’t realize how bad it was on coin tosses until recently. He also said they don’t pay too much attention to the toss. Instead they focus on the decision to receive or kick.

What’s strange is that the Browns haven’t been the only team to struggle with coin tosses this season. The Saints had been 0-11 on flips until winning the toss Monday night against the Giants. I guess the only thing to cheer up the Browns is knowing that their streak could be much worse.

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Disney, Ben Stiller May Make Comedy Movie About Caltech’s Basketball Failures

Surely you’ve heard of Caltech, and not just because the technical school supplied the pinch that put out the power in Las Vegas in Ocean’s 11. Caltech had a legendary 310-game conference losing streak in college basketball that was snapped in February. The program literally had gone 26 years without a conference win. Sounds like it would be the perfect premise for a comedy, right? Disney and Ben Stiller apparently agree.

Disney recently acquired the remake rights to Quantum Hoops, a 2007 documentary that followed the ’06 Caltech basketball team. Ben Stiller’s production company “Red Hour” will produce the movie if it is made.

For anyone who appreciated Dodgeball, you can only hope this movie (due out in 2013 according to IMDB) gets produced and distributed. This has to be one of the best lovable losers tales in sports history, right? The downside is unlike Bad News Bears, The Rookie, or Little Giants, this story doesn’t exactly have a Hollywood ending. Maybe the February win over Occidental will be the climax of the film.

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Cleveland Cavaliers’ 25-Game Losing Streak Inspires Brilliant Twitter Hashtag

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ futility has reached a new low: they set an NBA record with their 25th straight loss Monday night against the Mavericks. They actually played the hot Mavericks closely and had a chance to tie the game with a three at the end, but they were unable to hoist one up — helpless to the end.

The Cavs have lost four games in February, all 16 games they played in January, and 14 out of 15 games in December. They’ve been defeated in 35 of their last 36 games. 35 of 36! You might as well add an appendage to the saying “The only certainties in life are death, taxes, and that the Cavaliers will lose” because that’s a freaking guarantee.

Think about this: it’s February 8th, and the last time the Cavs won was December 18th at home against the Knicks. How pathetic is that?

It’s been so long since they’ve won, a brilliant hashtag on twitter was created called “#lasttimethecavswon.” LBS’ contribution to the tag (follow us on twitter!) was “lasttimethecavswon Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann called their highlights on SportsCenter.”

There has been much better work done by the masses. Here’s a sampling:

“#LastTimeTheCavsWon We only had VHS and Blockbuster” by PoeticTruth89

“#lasttimethecavswon Delonte West & Mrs. James was on their 1st date at McDonalds” by thegame

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Lions Snap a Record 19-Game Intra-Divison Losing Streak

The Detroit Lions snapped a 19-game divisional losing streak on Sunday with a 7-3 victory over the Packers. Their last victory over an NFC North opponent came in Week 4 of the 2007 season when they defeated the Bears. Detroit’s streak was the longest within any single division since the merger of in 1970.

On a lighter note, only one of the Lions’ four divisional losses this year was by more than five points — a two-touchdown loss to the Vikings back in week three. The other three were by a combined 11 points. As you may recall, their week one loss to the Bears was the result of Calvin Johnson’s touchdown catch that wasn’t.

Despite the 3-10 record, Lions’ fans have reason to be optimistic about the future. They seem to play everybody tough and have a talented young core that includes Calvin Johnson, defensive rookie of the year front-runner Ndamukong Suh, and the oft-injured Matt Stafford.

With a victory on Sunday, the Lions passed the torch to the Buffalo Bills, who have lost five straight AFC East games.  Don’t worry, Lions fans — you’re streak is probably going to be safe for a long time.

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Suns Loss Continues Their Strange TNT Losing Streak

One of the strangest, most bizarre streaks I’ve seen continued on Thursday night when they Suns lost to the Trail Blazers in Portland. The loss ran Phoenix’s losing streak in games televised on TNT to 17. To make the loss look even worse, the Suns were up by 11 entering the fourth quarter, and up 83-70 after Jared Dudley made a shot to open up the final quarter. When Dudley hit a long jumper midway through the fourth to put them up by six, I thought to myself that this was the game Phoenix would end the streak. So much for that. Portland immediately went on a 10-0 run and wound up winning 105-102. How can this bizarre losing streak possibly be explained? Let’s ask Suns GM Steve Kerr:

“It’s bizarre,” Kerr said. “What are the chances of losing 16 in a row? I know the competition’s tougher but it’s not like we don’t beat good teams on ESPN. There’s no explanation. “Let’s pin it on Charles. He brings that negative vibe all the time.”

Without being able to see Kerr’s expression, I’m guessing he was being sarcastic. Part of the losing streak is attributed to playing weak competition; Phoenix wouldn’t be losing 17 in a row if they were playing the likes of Memphis and Oklahoma City on TNT. But even against good competition, they still should win a few games. Another note is that the team has been on the road for 11 of the 17 games which makes winning more difficult. Lastly, the team tanked once they acquired Shaq and altered the team’s gameplan. The streak began shortly after he was acquired. Then again, it’s continued this year even since he was traded. I don’t know what the reason is for this phenomenon but the Thursday night losers need to start winning in primetime.