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Friday, February 15, 2019

Disney, Ben Stiller May Make Comedy Movie About Caltech’s Basketball Failures

Surely you’ve heard of Caltech, and not just because the technical school supplied the pinch that put out the power in Las Vegas in Ocean’s 11. Caltech had a legendary 310-game conference losing streak in college basketball that was snapped in February. The program literally had gone 26 years without a conference win. Sounds like it would be the perfect premise for a comedy, right? Disney and Ben Stiller apparently agree.

Disney recently acquired the remake rights to Quantum Hoops, a 2007 documentary that followed the ’06 Caltech basketball team. Ben Stiller’s production company “Red Hour” will produce the movie if it is made.

For anyone who appreciated Dodgeball, you can only hope this movie (due out in 2013 according to IMDB) gets produced and distributed. This has to be one of the best lovable losers tales in sports history, right? The downside is unlike Bad News Bears, The Rookie, or Little Giants, this story doesn’t exactly have a Hollywood ending. Maybe the February win over Occidental will be the climax of the film.

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