Joe Mikulik picks up third base during yet another ejection meltdown (Video)

Joe-Mikulik-ejectionJoe Mikulik, one of the most infamous managers in minor league baseball because of his animated meltdowns, was at it again on Wednesday night during the Myrtle Beach Pelicans’ loss to the Salem Red Sox. Mikulik was ejected in the top of the 10th inning for arguing a controversial home run call.

It was the second ejection in less than a month for Mikulik, who may have had a good reason to be furious this time. According to the broadcasters, the two-run home run that ultimately gave the Red Sox the win looked like it may have gone foul.

[WATCH: Joe Mikulik strips at home plate during ejection]

As expected, Mikulik got more than his money’s worth when the home plate umpire gave him the boot. He picked up third base and moved it toward the dugout, making the point that you might as well have the third base line moved over 10 feet if they want to call that homer a fair ball.

Hitting coach Josue Perez was also ejected from the game. Believe it or not, Perez may have been more angry than Mikulik, as Mikulik had to restrain Perez him from going after the umpiring crew.

Mikulik knows the fans love his meltdowns and that they are an easy way to get on SportsCenter, but this one was probably legitimate. His team is now on the brink of elimination in its three-game series against Salem.

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Joe Mikulik strips in latest ejection meltdown (Video)

Joe-Mikulik-stripsJoe Mikulik is one of the most famous minor league baseball managers in the country. Why? Because he has a knack for throwing some downright epic temper tantrums. Mikulik was at it again on Sunday, this time stripping some of his clothes off and leaving them at home plate after being ejected.

Mikulik, who is currently managing the Class A Myrtle Beach Pelicans, was furious after infielder Luis Mendez was called out at home plate. He proceeded to imitate Mendez’s slide into home two times to make his point while screaming at the umpiring crew. Mikulik then took his shoes and jersey off, dropped them on home plate and made an emphatic safe sign.

Mikulik first became famous in 2006 when he dumped water all over home plate after being run from a game. Several years later, he picked up third base and handed it to a fan after being ejected. The guy obviously knows he’s a YouTube sensation.

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Mike Redmond kicks dirt around home plate after ejection (Video)

Mike-Redmond-kicks-dirtMike Redmond went classic manager meltdown on us last night after he was ejected for arguing balls and strikes during the sixth inning of a game between the Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies. Redmond was unhappy with a called third strike on shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria that appeared to be high and inside, so he started cursing at home plate umpire Will Little from the dugout. That resulted in an automatic ejection.

Fortunately for us, Redmond got his money’s worth. He came out of the dugout to state his case to Little and then began kicking dirt around home plate to show how far inside he felt the pitch was. He looked like Lou Piniella out there. Check out this awesome GIF that @CrashburnAlley passed along.

That will easily be one of the best GIFs of the year.

“I tried to be patient, but at the end of the day I couldn’t watch anymore,” Redmond told reporters after the game.

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Joe Mikulik melts down again, steals third base (Video)

Remember Joe Mikulik? Sure you do. He’s the minor league manager who threw an epic tantrum in 2006 that made highlight (blooper?) reels everywhere. Well Mikulik is still the manager of the Single-A Asheville Tourists, and he’s still having meltdowns on the diamond.

Mikulik was upset with a call the umpires made in the first inning of Asheville’s game against the Charleston RiverDogs on Friday night, and he went out to argue. Mikulik felt a runner went out of the baseline to avoid a tag, but the call was not made in his team’s favor. After a heated exchange with one of the umpires, Mikulik threw his cap, reenacted the scene, stormed off the field, pulled the third base bag and handed it to the fan, returned to the field, and tipped his cap to the fans when he finally exited the field.

Mikulik’s meltdown was pretty solid, but it’s nothing compared to his original meltdown from 2006. Here it is in case you missed it:

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