Manchester City tried to change Austrian church bell schedule near their training camp so they could sleep longer

The Manchester City soccer team is spending nearly two weeks training at a high altitude village in Austria that is ideal for conditioning. In order to get the most out of the experience, team officials have tried to create the perfect eating, sleeping and training environment for the English Premier League champions to prepare for another run at the title. If not for a stubborn nearby Austrian church, they may have succeeded.

According to Reuters, Manchester City tried to persuade a nearby 13th century Austrian church to change their church bell schedule so the players would not have their sleep interrupted. Yes, really.

“They tried to have it put back from 8 until 10 in the morning but they didn’t succeed,” a local official in the Austrian village of Seefeld said.

The poor champs still have to wake up a bit early, but fortunately the club has also flown in $1,200 mattresses for each player and their own personal chef to see to it that everyone is eating healthy and delicious food. Massages are also a part of the training days, which consist of three workout sessions. Grind it out, boys — before long you’ll be back home without those annoying bells waking you up at the crack of dawn.

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Manchester City captures Premier League title after dramatic comeback (Video)

The agenda for Manchester City on Sunday, the last day of the season, was simple: Defeat fourth-to-last-place Queens Park Rangers to claim the club’s first Premier League crown since 1968.

Easier said than done.

City inexplicably fell behind, 2-1, in the match’s 66th minute. With time marching on and second-place Manchester United watching intently from Sunderland, the score remained unchanged until the closing moments of the contest, when City amazingly, remarkably, miraculously did the unbelievable in stoppage time. Edin Dzeko leveled the score in the second of five added minutes. And then, two minutes later, Sergio Aguero:

And people say soccer is boring.

Soccer Fan Karen Bell Gets Married in Manchester City Wedding Dress (Picture)

I don’t care how big of a fan you think you are of your favorite team, Karen Bell has you beat. You may have memorabilia lining your bedroom, 15 jerseys, and three pairs of underwear with your favorite team’s logo on them. Heck, you may even sleep in sheets that are plastered with that same logo. But did you or your wife get married in a detailed wedding dress with your favorite team’s colors and logo all over it? I didn’t think so. Check out this Manchester City wedding dress that Dirty Tackle passed along:

Checkmate, right?

“We wanted to do something different because we have both been married before.” Bell explained to the Manchester Evening News. “It was a labour of love. I was at the sewing machine six nights a week.”

We’ve seen soccer fans do worse, I suppose.  As far as we know she didn’t bring a dead body to a game or light a section of a stadium on fire.  This is good, clean fun if nothing else.