Mark Dantonio, Michigan State celebrate with Rich Homie Quan after Rose Bowl

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio hardly ever cracks a smile. Wednesday night was an exception, as his team held off Stanford to win the Spartans’ first Rose Bowl since 1988. Not only was Dantonio all smiles, he also showed off his dance moves with rapper Rich Homie Quan in the locker room after the game.

Rich Homie’s track “Some Type of Way” has become the unofficial anthem of the Spartans this season, with Dantonio and his team dancing to the song after they beat Michigan earlier this season. For obvious reasons, Rich Homie has become a Michigan State fan over the past few months. He joined the Spartans for their postgame celebration after the Rose Bowl. Here’s a screenshot of Dantonio and Rich Homie that SB Nation passed along:


Dantonio might not seem like the type of guy who would enjoy hip-hop, but coaches enjoy just about anything their players like after they win a game like the Rose Bowl. The dancing was a fitting end to a fantastic season.

Video via SB Nation

Tom Rinaldi gives Mark Dantonio hug after Rose Bowl interview

Tom Rinaldi Mark Dantonio

Tom Rinaldi displayed some questionable journalistic ethics when he gave Mark Dantonio a hug after completing an interview with the Michigan State coach following the Rose Bowl on Wednesday.

Rinaldi conducted the on-field postgame interview with Dantonio on behalf of ESPN, and the interview actually lasted longer than most postgame interviews. After about five questions, Rinaldi ended the interview. He was then seen on camera going in to give Dantonio a hug. The interview is below, but the hug was not included in the video shared on ESPN’s website.

Journalistic ethics preach an unbiased approach. It’s kind of hard to achieve that when the interviewer is hugging his subject.

I’d say this sort of thing is surprising, but we’ve actually seen worse from Rinaldi in the past.

Photo: Twitter/WakeOfWeek

Mark Dantonio goes ‘next question’ on reporters in brief press conference (Video)

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio must have been pretty dissatisfied after his team’s 23-7 win over Eastern Michigan on Saturday, because he gave mostly terse answers to the media in his postgame news conference.

The entire press conference last about two and a half minutes. It featured an opening statement from Dantonio, and then one semi-involved response to a question. After that, it was all downhill. Not one of his answers was more than a sentence. You can watch the press conference below:

As you can see, Dantonio kept the one-sided session brief by saying “next question” seven times. He hardly entertained reporters’ inquiries. It’s easy to see why he was upset.

Michigan State is 3-1 after losing to Notre Dame last week, and they struggled to beat Eastern Michigan. They were down 7-3 at halftime, and they didn’t take the lead until the final two minutes of the third quarter. The team’s problems with catching the ball continued as they had six dropped passes, and things don’t get any easier against Ohio State next weekend.

Dantonio better chill out otherwise he’s liable to get another heart attack.

Helmet smack to Game On!

Thrill of Crazy Call Gave Mark Dantonio a Heart Attack

Ever have a tense, nail-biting moment during a sports event you’re watching and tell your friends that the suspense almost gave you a heart attack? Ever hear that phrase “cardiac kids” for teams that win by incredible comebacks? The joke is that thrilling moments in games put us through incredible amounts of stress as fans. Well, it turns out that this phenomenon is not a joke. Contrarily, it’s very real.

Michigan State beat Notre Dame in overtime Saturday evening 34-31 by scoring a touchdown on a fake field goal. Everyone was sure the Spartans were trotting out their kicker to try and tie the game at 31 and send it to another overtime. Little did they know Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio had a trick up his sleeve. The play worked and the Spartans pulled off the crazy upset.

What was more crazy than the ballsy call was hearing that Mark Dantonio suffered a heart attack after the game. The coach appeared to be subdued in his postgame interview but that’s probably because he had just peed his pants. Unbelievable. Check out this video if you haven’t seen it yet. And for a twist, watch the play clock expire before the snap and ask yourself how it might feel to be a Notre Dame fan:

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