Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny together for the same picture

Mark Mangino Easter Bunny

Former Kansas football coach Mark Mangino shared this great picture of him in a pink shirt posing with the Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday, and how can you not love it?

Look at those warm smiles. Arms around each other. Mangino single-fisting drinks. And how perfect is it that they’re matching colors?

I’m just trying to figure out which was better: this one, or the pic of Mangino posing with the Orange Bowl mascot:

Mark Mangino Orange Bowl


And while we’re on the subject of Santa and the Easter Bunny together in the same photo, I’m reminded of this great clip from “Chasing Amy.” (beware: some of the language is inappropriate)

Photo via Mark Mangino
H/T Extra Mustard

Big 12 Coaches on South Park

If you were reading a while back, you might remember the ongoing series of college coaches as South Park figures. There was the old Big 12 group, the ACC, the SEC, Big Ten, and Pac-10. Naturally, coaching changes have taken place as they do every year. Luckily for us someone has stayed current on their South Park caricatures:

(Missourah via Ballhype)

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Your Nation’s Leaders … in Pictures

Brooks pulled off a nice upset. Mangino slaughtered Ned.

Simon Says pat your head and rub your belly at the same time!

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Mark Mangino Does Not Like His Players Showboating

Thanks to EDSBS and FanHouse, we have some great video from Kansas’ win over Central Michigan this weekend. Check out this punt return for a touchdown in the second quarter by Raimond (yes, there’s an “I” in his name) Pendelton:

That made the score 28-0, with Kansas going on to win it 52-7. I love it when coaches do that crap — no showboating, no penalty flags, none of that garbage. Marvin Lewis should learn from Mangino. That … was brilliant.