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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Articles tagged: Mascots

Bucks Mascot Bango Returns from Knee Injury for Killer Dunk

Last year at All-Star weekend in Phoenix, several mascots got together on the floor to entertain the crowd. Bucks mascot Bango was setting up for some sort of stunt when he slipped on the rim and fell through the hoop. Naturally Bango knocked himself out with a serious knee injury. This year, Milwaukee’s basketball team…Read More

Bucks Mascot Bongo Gets Hit in Nuts, Injures Knee in the Process

I’ve made no secret of my fondness for stories involving team mascots. This one is certainly up there. With Andrew Bogut, Michael Redd, and Luke Ridnour out with various injuries, Bucks’ mascot Bongo must have sensed the players were feeling lonely on the injured list. He decided to help make them feel better in the…Read More

Rice’s Mascot Gets Ejected by Quick Draw Curtis Shaw

If there’s one thing that’s near and dear to my heart, it’s definitely mascot folly. We haven’t had a ton of it lately unfortunately, leaving me to watch the Oregon Duck/Houston Cougar fight to get my fix. But on Wednesday night in the Rice/Tulane game, Rice’s Sammy the Owl got the heave-ho from referee Quick…Read More

Benny the Bull Holds Grudges

What is it with mascots these days? You had the Oregon Duck go after the Houston Cougar even teabagging the fool, you had Coco Crisp get run over by the Mariner Moose, and now Benny the Bull is taking target practice on opponents? SpinMax emails in with the news that Benny the Bull took a…Read More

Maryland Mascot Getting Bar-Mitvah’d

I guess I’ve completely missed the boat (arc?) on this one. Dan Steinberg of the famed DC Sports Bog passes along news that the Maryland Terps mascot, Testudo, is set to have a Bar Mitzvah in the near future. What I hadn’t realized what that this was a common trend. Per Steinz: In the fall…Read More

Will Sioux Sue North Dakota?

I saw this story somewhere and wanted to visit it for a moment. The University of North Dakota — with which you’re already well acquainted because of their powerhouse college football program — has settled a suit with the NCAA. The suit will give them three years to get approval from the Sioux tribes to…Read More

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