Mercury Morris: Undefeated Packers Wouldn’t Be Better than 1972 Dolphins

Would somebody get this guy a muzzle? In all seriousness, there are very few people in the world who annoy me more than Mercury Morris.  The guy is the definition of a person who just can’t let it go.  He’s the guy who sits alone at the bar at Applebees telling stories about his high school football days.  No one is better than him or the team he played for.  The game was different back when he played.  And of course, times were better then.

We all remember how particularly outspoken Morris was during the 2007 season when the Patriots were en route to perfection.  New England ended up winning more games than Miami’s ’72 team that season, but in all fairness the Pats’ season was not capped off with a Super Bowl victory.  The ’72 Dolphins are still safe, but each and every year we have to hear from someone on their team — particularly Morris — ranting about just how legendary that team was.  But don’t worry, he has nothing negative to say about the 2011 Packers.

“I have nothing but good things to say about the Packers. If they [end up] in our neighborhood, they’re a credit to the sport. They don’t have a bunch of guys out there who view themselves as entertainers,” Morris told FoxSportsFlorida.com. “I didn’t like the way [the Patriots] came across . . . They were too much in your face. They wanted you to bow down to them and kiss the king’s ring.”

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Alternate Perfectville Commercial by Reebok had the Patriots Won

In case you haven’t seen it yet (don’t worry, only about 97 million have), Reebok released a commercial immediately after the Giants won the Super Bowl starring the ’72 Dolphins. It was a great commercial showing the Dolphins partying it up in a city called “Perfectville, established 1972, population 1.” Then there was a gift sent from Eli Manning to Mercury Morris telling him he could enjoy perfection for another year. Might as well watch the entire Perfectville commercial to refresh your memory it’s so good. Well, I had two questions about the commercial. One, did they have several versions of the commercial based on who won the MVP award (and is that why the gift was from Eli)? The second question, and the most important, is what happened to the version of the commercial had the Patriots won the game? Follow me here for a moment.

There’s no way a company spends all sorts of money buying adtime and filming a commercial only to have it work “in the small chance the Giants win.” Clearly they filmed at least two versions of it, ready to roll it out as soon as the game ended depending on the victor. Here is the alternate Perfectville commercial Reebok probably thought it would wind up playing:

Perfectville, Population 2. Gotta love it.