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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Articles tagged: Miami Heat fans

Indiana Pacers announcer Mark Boyle calls Miami Heat fans ‘losers’

Miami Heat fans have faced many unflattering stereotypes over the past few years, but Indiana Pacers announcer Mark Boyle (pictured) took it to another level on Friday night. The Pacers announcer must have seen Heat fans leaving American Airlines Arena as Miami was down at the end of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals,…Read More

Female Miami Heat fan flips Joakim Noah the bird after ejection

Goodness gracious, woman. Get a hold of yourself. I guess the environment of being at a Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls playoff game made her think it was acceptable to shove her fist within inches of Joakim Noah’s face and flip him the bird. You wonder why some players go off on fans after games? This is…Read More

LeBron James plays catch with lucky fan during game (Video)

LeBron James has been improving his image by the week, and most if it is due to spontaneous, genuine interactions with fans. Two weeks ago, LeBron rushed a fan at midcourt, tackled him, and gave him a massive hug in celebration after the fan made a halfcourt shot to win $75,000 during a Miami Heat-Detroit…Read More

9-year-old Jack Meyer is the ‘good effort, good job’ Heat fan

After a lengthy search, the kid who told the Heat players “good effort, good job” following their Game 5 playoff loss to the Celtics on Tuesday night has been identified. NBC Miami says Jack Meyer, a 9-year-old boy, is the youngster who was encouraging the Heat players as they walked off the floor. “I said…Read More

Charles Barkley Antagonizes Miami Heat Fans Again

We’ve previously touched on the NBA Finals side story involving Charles Barkley, the Miami Heat, and their fans. Barkley was one of the loudest critics of LeBron James when he left Cleveland for Miami and that disgust spilled into the season when he called the Heat a “whiny bunch.” Then TNT had to move their…Read More

TNT Cameraman Goes Hottie Hunting at Miami Heat Game (Video)

One of the behind-the-scenes things cameramen do at ballgames is search for the best-looking women in attendance. I’ve worked places where they have entire compilation tapes of hotties. But you’re never supposed to do that while your camera is live, which is what happened during TNT’s telecast Tuesday night. Check out this flub via Jose…Read More

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