Jimmy Kimmel hilariously embarrasses bandwagon Miami Heat fans (Video)

Jimmy-Kimmel-Miami-Heat-fansJimmy Kimmel ran a special NBA Finals edition of his hilarious segment “Lie Witness News” this week with the intention of embarrassing Miami Heat fans. He succeeded. Kimmel’s correspondent interviewed people from South Beach who identified themselves as big Heat fans, and the results were hilarious.

The highlight of the segment had to be the guy who gave his take on Librarius Booker.

It’s one thing to pretend you know a player that doesn’t exist. It’s another to use the person’s name three times and commend them for being a part of what you think is a championship team.

“At the end of the day, Librarius Booker’s gonna have a ring. A lot of people aren’t gonna have a ring at the end of the day, you know what I’m saying? Carmelo’s not gonna have a ring, but Librarius Booker is gonna have a ring.”

That’s all that matters. Whether you’re a superstar with a bruised vulva like LeBron James or a role player like Librarius Booker, the important thing is winning a title.

Kimmel truly is a master at screwing with people. Even Metta World Peace, who is also a master of trolling, could attest to that.

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Indiana Pacers announcer Mark Boyle calls Miami Heat fans ‘losers’

Mark BoyleMiami Heat fans have faced many unflattering stereotypes over the past few years, but Indiana Pacers announcer Mark Boyle (pictured) took it to another level on Friday night.

The Pacers announcer must have seen Heat fans leaving American Airlines Arena as Miami was down at the end of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals, so he began bashing them.

“We are literally sitting in the crowd here. These losers are leaving,” Boyle said of the Heat fans. “They are flocking to the exits with their team down by three. This city does not only not deserve this team, they don’t deserve any team.”

You can listen to the audio of the comments here via Page Q Sports.

That was a much stronger rip by Boyle on Heat fans than what the Atlanta Hawks announcers did in 2009. They were just clowning Dwyane Wade for being “untouchable” and resorting to “thuggery.”

Miami sports fans have long been criticized for being frontrunners and lacking passion. They never really supported the Marlins, which is understandable in recent years but didn’t make sense when the team was winning. The attendance at Heat games has been low over the years until the team began winning. The support for the Miami Hurricanes is also fairly weak considering how strong the program is historically. The one team they are passionate about is the Dolphins.

Heat fans get a bad rap for showing up to games late, dressing like hipsters, and wearing odd jerseys, but at least we’ve seen their fans do their best to show passion this year.

Photo: Twitter/Mark Boyle

Female Miami Heat fan flips Joakim Noah the bird after ejection

Heat fan flips off Joakim Noah

Goodness gracious, woman. Get a hold of yourself. I guess the environment of being at a Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls playoff game made her think it was acceptable to shove her fist within inches of Joakim Noah’s face and flip him the bird.

You wonder why some players go off on fans after games? This is why.

Just after, she celebrated Noah being ejected with this high five:

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LeBron James plays catch with lucky fan during game (Video)

LeBron James has been improving his image by the week, and most if it is due to spontaneous, genuine interactions with fans.

Two weeks ago, LeBron rushed a fan at midcourt, tackled him, and gave him a massive hug in celebration after the fan made a halfcourt shot to win $75,000 during a Miami Heat-Detroit Pistons game. On Friday night, James played an impromptu game of catch with a fan who was wearing his replica jersey after a ball went into the stands during the second quarter of the Heat’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

It turns out the game of catch with LeBron was only part of what has been a vacation of incredible fortune for the fan.

ESPN’s Lisa Salters interviewed the lucky fan late in the fourth quarter of Miami’s 111-89 win, and the man said he was on vacation from Honduras. Not only did the fan, whose name is Adolfo, attend Friday’s Heat-Clippers game where he played catch with LeBron, but he says he also went to the Super Bowl last weekend.

Adolfo says playing catch with LeBron was the best moment of his life.

“Ever! In my life! This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever lived in my life,” he said with jubilation.

Here’s video of the interview:

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9-year-old Jack Meyer is the ‘good effort, good job’ Heat fan

After a lengthy search, the kid who told the Heat players “good effort, good job” following their Game 5 playoff loss to the Celtics on Tuesday night has been identified.

NBC Miami says Jack Meyer, a 9-year-old boy, is the youngster who was encouraging the Heat players as they walked off the floor.

“I said ‘Good job, good effort’ and Terrel (Harris) noticed me and gave me a thumbs up,” he told NBC Miami.

“You can’t give up this easily,” he said. “You know there’s always got to be a second chance for you. You always have the power to win.”

Meyer attended the game with his father, and he says he plans to cheer on his favorite team for Game 6.

“LeBron James was fighting so hard, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem. Chris Bosh only played 14 minutes, yet one of his best games,” said the encouraging kid.

Meyer told NBC Miami he has been a Heat fan since he was 3 or 4, and he even has a Heat-themed bed.

This kid is just too cute.

Image via NBC Miami

Kid tells Heat ‘good effort, good job’ after Game 5 loss (Video)

After losing at home in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals to the Celtics 94-90, the Heat were encouraged by a young fan who told them “good effort, good job,” as they were walking off the floor in Miami.

The kid became an instant hit. Soon after his encouraging words were heard on TV, the video seen above spread across the Internet.

The phrase “good effort” became a trending topic on Twitter. Even a parody Twitter account called “Good Job Kid” was created, and it amassed over a thousand followers in an hour.

The only question is if the young fan was sarcastically taunting the Heat, or genuinely trying to encourage them. We believe it was the latter.

UPDATE: The fan has been identified as 9-year-old Jack Meyer.

Video via @Jose3030

Video: Mark Cuban Drops S-Bomb During ESPN Interview with Hannah Storm

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban remained silent throughout the NBA playoffs, much to the dismay of the media and fans. Earlier in the season he was happy about the struggles of the Heat, so you know he took extra joy in seeing his team beat them to win the championship. When he finally did speak up, he made a point to drop an s-bomb on live TV during an interview on ESPN. Check out this video courtesy of Ben Golliver on twitter:

“Our fans just punked the s*** out of the Miami fans,” Cuban made a point to say. He says his team’s fans were louder than the Miami fans even though it was a road game for Dallas. It’s something we noticed about the Heat fans throughout the playoffs, and something I would figure Charles Barkley would say.

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