Meghan Duggan mocks Michael Pineda before throwing out first pitch

Michael Pineda dirtThe US women’s hockey team was invited to take part in the opening ceremonies before the Boston Red Sox took on the New York Yankees at Fenway Park Thursday night. Meghan Duggan, the captain of the team that won silver at the Sochi Olympics, threw out the first pitch. She took the opportunity to mock Michael Pineda.

As you know, Pineda was ejected from Wednesday night’s game for having pine tar on his neck. He has since been suspended 10 games by Major League Baseball for the offense. Duggan, who grew up in Massachusetts, couldn’t resist seizing the moment.

Of course, the Yankees went on to destroy the Red Sox 14-5 on a night in which outfielder/first baseman Mike Carp was called upon to pitch. No one said taunting the opposition would bring good luck.

Joe Girardi angrily pushes ESPN camera that was spying on Michael Pineda (Video)

Michael-Pineda-tunnelNew York Yankees manager Joe Girardi is frustrated with ESPN for some of their camera work after Michael Pineda was ejected for having pine tar on his neck Wednesday night. After Pineda was given the boot, he stopped in the tunnel heading toward the clubhouse to talk with team trainer Steve Donohue and pitching coach Larry Rothschild. The exchange was briefly caught on camera.

Girardi thought it was inappropriate that an ESPN camera was filming a player in the tunnel after he had left the game. When he saw where the remote camera was angled, he shoved it so it faced another direction.

“What frustrated me is that the camera is meant for the dugout and Michael was already out of the game so I don’t want it down in our tunnel,” Girardi said, per George A King III of the NY Post. “It’s a private area and it has been clearly stated that it is for the dugout, not for the tunnel and conversations that happen between players and coaches.

“If I was really going to tear up the camera I would have torn it up but I was just trying to get it from being in the tunnel.”

According to the Yankees, Major League Baseball is investigating ESPN’s use of the remote camera. Girardi was asked if he thought MLB would have a problem with him taking it upon himself to turn a camera.

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Michael Pineda ejected for having pine tar on his neck


Leave it to Michael Pineda to keep pushing the envelope.

Earlier this month, Pineda was found to have dirt pine tar on his pitching hand during the fourth inning of a game against the Boston Red Sox. By the fifth inning it had magically disappeared. After the game, Pineda declared the substance to be dirt. No one believed him.

On Wednesday, Pineda took the mound to face the Boston Red Sox once again. Like before, he had dirt pine tar on his body. Tonight, his neck was the preferred area, because that’s more discreet.

And this time Pineda was ejected for it.

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The way things are going, this is how Michael Pineda may look for his next start.

Michael Pineda says pine tar-looking substance is just dirt

Michael Pineda dirtMichael Pineda had such a comical explanation for the dark substance spotted on his hand during his outing Thursday against the Boston Red Sox that not even he could keep a straight face when talking with the media after the game.

When the subject of the alleged pine tar on his hand came up, Pineda answered the questions and explained that it was just “dirt” on his hand.

“It’s dirt,” said Pineda after the game. “Between the innings I’m sweating too much. My hand — I’m putting dirt. I’m grabbing the dirt.”

Pineda was then asked why the substance disappeared from his hand after the fourth inning. Did someone talk to him about it? Was he asked to get rid of it?

“No no no, nobody asked me. Nobody said nothing about that.”

What’s this tell us? Nothing to see here, just move along.

Everyone knows that Pineda was using pine tar, but that’s a common practice. The Red Sox didn’t even complain because they don’t want people busting their pitchers, who also use foreign substances. But calling it dirt is just comical.

Come on, Michael. Who’s actually buying that?

Michael Pineda appears to have pine tar on his pitching hand

Michael Pineda pine tar hand

Michael Pineda will be under scrutiny when he pitches in the future after cameras caught him with a foreign substance on his hand Thursday that sure as heck appeared to be pine tar.

Pineda, who went six-plus innings of 1-run ball for the New York Yankees to pick up his first win of the season, had a dark substance on his hand for the first four innings of the game against the Boston Red Sox.

Michael Pineda pine tar

Michael Pineda pine tar

As MLB Network showed, by the fifth inning, he had cleaned up his hand. He didn’t allow a hit in the first four innings but allowed four after that, though he only let up one run.

Pineda was acquired by the Yankees from the Seattle Mariners over two years ago and was making his first start at Yankee Stadium.

Pineda also appeared to have the same substance on his hand during his first start of the season where he allowed just one run over six innings in a loss to the Blue Jays on April 5:

And here’s how his pants looked from the substance:

Michael Pineda pants

The substance clearly appeared to be pine tar. Pine tar is a sticky substance used by batters to get a better grip on the bat. Some pitchers have also been known to use it — especially on cold days — because it helps them get a better grip on the ball.

The Red Sox probably can’t make much of a fuss about things because their pitcher who was opposing Pineda is Clay Buchholz, who was accused last year of doctoring the ball.

David Ortiz said after the game that it wasn’t a big deal because everyone uses pine tar.

2011 MLB All-Star Game Snubs: American League

Compared to the National League All-Star team, the fans did a poor job voting on the American League team. Most of the reasonable complaints regarding snubs are from the AL team. We already gave you the All-Star Game snubs from the National League.

Here are the American League All-Star team snubs:

Jhonny Peralta over Derek Jeter at SS

This is a no-brainer. The fans vomited on themselves with this one, probably because a) Jeter is so popular and b) most of them don’t know who Peralta is. Asdrubal Cabrera made the team as the backup shortstop and he should be starting. Peralta should be the backup.

Paul Konerko over Michael Young as 1B/INF

Paul Konerko being left off the team is the biggest snub of MLB. He has a .954 OPS which is fourth-best in the entire AL. It’s a joke that he’s not on the team and it’s criminal that Ron Washington stuck him in the fan vote. Instead of carrying three catchers, Washington should have put Konerko on the team over either Martin or Wieters. At the least, he should be there over Young who is good but can’t mash the way Konerko can.

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