Mike Aviles ejected by umpire Tony Randazzo after game ends

Cleveland Indians shortstop Mike Aviles was ejected on Tuesday night, but he wasn’t tossed until after the game had already ended. Go figure.

Aviles was the last out for the Indians in their 4-3 loss to the New York Yankees. The whole thing began with the first pitch of Aviles’ at-bat against closer Mariano Rivera.

Rivera threw a high pitch that Aviles took a check swing on but held up. Catcher Chris Stewart wasn’t able to hold onto the ball, so it went to the backstop. It initially looked like the pitch would be called a ball, but home plate umpire Tony Randazzo said Aviles foul-tipped the pitch, leading Stewart to miss the ball. He called it a strike.

Aviles complained, while manager Terry Francona came out to argue the call. They were unsuccessful in their efforts.

Aviles took the next pitch for a ball, and then he flew out to right field on a 1-1 pitch for the final out of the game. As Aviles was clearing off the field, he went over to say something to Randazzo, who threw him out … even though the game had already ended. Aviles had also argued a called third strike earlier in the game.

Francona felt Randazzo was in the wrong.

“We’re down one, facing the best closer in the history of the game,” Francona said after the game, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He doesn’t need any help. You can get emotional sometimes and I just thought at that point Tony should have kept walking or either apologized to Mike, but everybody makes mistakes …”

I’m guessing Randazzo running Aviles was just a pure reaction, because he probably wouldn’t have bothered had he realized that the game ended.

H/T Jimmy Traina

Fake Twitter account had people thinking Red Sox SS Mike Aviles was traded

Welcome to the ruthless world of social media, Mike Aviles. In this universe, even utility players are fair game. The Red Sox shortstop probably thought he would become an every-day starter in the MLB before people started drumming up hoaxes about him on Twitter. According to the Boston Herald, a fake Twitter account created in Aviles’ name announced on Saturday that he had been traded to the Rays. Aviles found out about it when his phone started blowing up with calls and texts from friends and family.

“It was crazy,” he said. “People were asking me what’s going on. I had to tell people it’s not me saying those things. I haven’t been traded.

“It’s kind of cool, like someone actually likes me enough to make something up about me. But it’s almost like, who really has time to do that? You have time to go and make up a fake account? Really? I didn’t care in the first place, but when you’re tweeting stuff like that, you’re causing problems for me. I’m here to play baseball.”

Welcome to 2012. Aviles said he has asked the Red Sox to contact Twitter and have the account deactivated. Now that everyone knows it bothered him, another one will likely be right behind this one if it’s shut down. Behold the power of Twitter.