Mike Francesa hates the Sunday Night Football song with a passion (Video)

Mike-FrancesaMike Francesa, aka Captain Miserable, is not a fan of many things. And even if he was, he’d never admit it. He’s just one of those guys. On Wednesday, Francesa took aim at the Sunday Night Football theme song.

Most of us have enjoyed the Sunday Night Football theme song for years if only because it gives us an opportunity to look at gorgeous women like Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood for 45 seconds or so. Francesa, however, pays close attention to the lyrics. He despises them.

“That’s the stupidest song that ever was created,” Francesa said. “No one waits all day, they watch football all day. No one waited one minute for Sunday night I watched football all darn day. I always say that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in lyrics. … Getting ready for Sunday night. That’s the dumbest song ever created.”

We all know what’s coming next. WFAN callers will be all over Francesa this week heckling him about his disdain for the Sunday Night Football theme, just like they did with that hilarious 1776 parody video that was released earlier this month.

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Mike Francesa of course wasn’t thrilled with the 1776 parody video

Mike Francesa 1776Mike Francesa responded to the parody video of him doing a talk radio show in 1776 about the Revolutionary War exactly how you’d expect Mike Francesa to respond to it.

“I never frequented YouTube. Never. I don’t look at YouTube.”

What a grump.

If this dude unbuttoned his top collar even a little bit people wouldn’t get so many kicks out of parody videos of him. But he’s such a stick about it all that it makes f—ing with him that much more fun.

Big thanks to KFC Barstool for snagging this video. Also, if you want to read a great take on the original Francesa 1776 Mike Zaun parody video, read KFC’s. He breaks it down hysterically.

And of course, this was all just an excuse so I could play the video again …

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Mike Francesa on radio in 1776 breaks down Revolutionary War (Video)

Mike Francesa 1776Oh nothing, just Mike Francesa as “Mike Zaun” breaking down the Revolutionary War on radio in 1776. I was in tears — literal tears — watching this. I was laughing so hard I got lightheaded, had trouble breathing and seriously started choking. Mike Zaun even got prank callers in 1776. And I love how there’s a Diet Coke bottle in 1776, too. Best spoof video of all time.

UPDATE: Also see Francesa’s response to the video.

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Tommy John cracks Mike Francesa fat joke on WFAN (Audio)

Mike FrancesaTommy John joined WFAN host Marc Malusis on Wednesday to talk about New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey facing reconstructive elbow surgery that was named after John. But we’re less concerned about what Tommy John had to say about Harvey, and more concerned about the fat jab he took at resident WFAN grump Mike Francesa.

TJ was asked a standard, open-ended “what you been up to?” question and decided to use that as an opportunity to crack Francesa.

“Well, I’ve been trying to get myself in shape like Mike Francesa. I’ve been doing a lot of eating and drinking wine and trying to get myself buffed up,” John said.

The only thing that could have made that any better would have been if TJ also said he’s been taking a lot of naps. Man, John just went straight into Francesa’s home at WFAN, stepped up in there, opened up a spray paint can and said “Tommy John was here,” crumpled up a candy bar wrapper and left it on the floor. He just owned Francesa on Francesa’s home turf. That’s bold!

Here’s the full interview.

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Mike Francesa cut off caller who was about to propose to his girlfriend (Audio)

Mike-Francesa-Lied-About-Super-Bowl-42-PickMike Francesa is used to being harassed by his callers, and for the most part he deserves it. If the longtime WFAN host didn’t let the heckling bother him so much, people would stop doing it. We understand why Francesa has his finger hovering over the “drop call” button at all times, but on Thursday he did one of the coldest things we have ever seen a radio host do.

A caller named Moe from New Jersey thought he was creating a very special moment when he called into Francesa’s show.

“I’m hanging out here with my girlfriend Cindy,” Moe began his call. “We’re both big fans of the show and I’m a little nervous but, you know what, I’m gonna ask her in front of the whole city of New York…”

And that was it. Francesa cut to another caller without mentioning a word about what was just about to happen. The audio, which Deadspin passed along, is absolute must-listen material:

Francesa is incredibly busy dealing with the Alex Rodriguez drama this week (he even had A-Rod on his show on Thursday), but he really couldn’t find another minute of air time to help this guy create a memorable moment with his lady friend? I suppose the fact that he dropped the call makes it an experience Moe and Cindy will never forget, but I never thought even Francesa would stoop that low. For Moe’s sake, we hope Cindy said “yes” anyway.

Mike Francesa irritated with caller who asks him how many pushups he can do (Video)

Mike FrancesaScrewing with Mike Francesa is really becoming one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes. Why? Because everything seems to bother the guy.

If he’s not whining about his work area being messy, then he’s getting irritated with callers who ask him how many pushups he can do.

As posted by Bartstool Sports Boston, a caller (and potential Bartstool prankster) phoned into Francesa’s WFAN radio show this week. Instead of talking about the Super Bowl, the caller took a detour into personal fitness land.

The caller asked Francesa how many pushups he could do. Instead of saying something simple like, “more than Kevin Durant” and just moving on, Francesa complains for 15 seconds about getting “children on the phone.”

A word to the wise, Francesa: this wouldn’t be nearly as fun for callers if you just rolled with the prank.

Mike Francesa begins show by complaining about his messy studio (Video)

mike-francesa-messIt says an awful lot about Mike Francesa that he has become a blogosphere punching bag despite being more of a local media personality rather than a national one. The veteran sports talk radio host manages to keep his name in our headlines with his consistent buffoonery, which is actually quite impressive. From fighting on air with Darrelle Revis to lying about his Super Bowl picks, the guy sure knows how to keep us entertained.

On Friday, the New York radio host opened his show on WFAN by complaining about the mess in his studio. Seriously.

“I’ve got to fumigate when I come in here now. Have your producers clean up after you if you can’t clean up, jeeze!” he barked. “Coffee stains, garbage all over the place … god almighty.”

Goodness gracious, Francesa. The way you start a show sets the tone for the entire first hour. Who begins by whining over the mess in the office? Probably the same kind of guy who sends back his meal and bitches about the service during a first date with a hot girl.

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