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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Mike Francesa

Mad Dog Russo rips Mike Francesa for coddling A-Rod

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo ripped his former radio partner Mike Francesa for the way the “Sports Pope” has been coddling Alex Rodriguez on-air. Francesa had an exclusive interview with A-Rod on Wednesday after the New York Yankees 3B/DH stormed out of his arbitration hearing and headed over to the WFAN studios to talk with Francesa….Read More

Mike Francesa takes down New York Daily News over A-Rod (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. Mike Francesa must have had an extra six-pack of Diet Coke and got plenty of sleep last night, because he was on his game during Friday’s show. Francesa had New York Daily News I-Team investigator Michael O’Keeffe as a guest on his show and just went after the man….Read More

Mike Francesa of course wasn’t thrilled with the 1776 parody video

Mike Francesa responded to the parody video of him doing a talk radio show in 1776 about the Revolutionary War exactly how you’d expect Mike Francesa to respond to it. “I never frequented YouTube. Never. I don’t look at YouTube.” What a grump. If this dude unbuttoned his top collar even a little bit people…Read More

Mike Francesa on radio in 1776 breaks down Revolutionary War (Video)

Oh nothing, just Mike Francesa as “Mike Zaun” breaking down the Revolutionary War on radio in 1776. I was in tears — literal tears — watching this. I was laughing so hard I got lightheaded, had trouble breathing and seriously started choking. Mike Zaun even got prank callers in 1776. And I love how there’s…Read More

Tommy John cracks Mike Francesa fat joke on WFAN (Audio)

Tommy John joined WFAN host Marc Malusis on Wednesday to talk about New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey facing reconstructive elbow surgery that was named after John. But we’re less concerned about what Tommy John had to say about Harvey, and more concerned about the fat jab he took at resident WFAN grump Mike Francesa….Read More

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