Twins P Glen Perkins hooks fan up with tickets on Twitter

Glen-Perkins-TwinsMore often than not, fans who attempt to interact with their favorite players on Twitter will be ignored. Professional athletes have hundreds of thousands of followers in some instances, and it would be impossible for them to respond to ever fan who tweets at them. But one Twins fan reminded us over the weekend that it’s always worth a shot.

Alex Berg, a student at Bemidji State University and writer for the Bemidji Pioneer, reached out to Minnesota Twins closer Glen Perkins after he claims he was screwed when trying to buy tickets for Saturday’s game between the Twins and Texas Rangers. Here is the exchange that followed:

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Twins fan catches foul ball while on cell phone, plays it off like a boss (Video)

The more cell phone use we see at baseball games, the more great plays and embarrassing moments we will be treated to when balls go flying into the stands. On Tuesday night in Minnesota, the former came into play. As you can see from the clip above, a Twins fan made a nice stab on a foul ball down the first base line in the seventh inning. Yes, he was wearing a glove and it took a perfect bounce, but that’s not the point. The way he continued to chat on his phone like a boss while just handing the ball to his girl (assumption) was what made this play special.

Unlike this guy who accomplished a similar feat a little over a week ago, the Twins fan was not jumping for joy and soaking up as much attention as he could. If you’re an adult who wears a glove to a baseball game, this is precisely the way you should react when you make a play. If you’re an adult who is texting from a courtside seat at a basketball game, rough stuff like this happens.

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Twins Fan’s Obituary Says He Was Angry with Joe Mauer

A 22-year-old man named Josiah Abeler died recently after suffering a seizure in his sleep. I’m sure his family and friends are going through a difficult time, but that doesn’t mean the person who wrote the obituary had to take a shot at Joe Mauer the way they did:

Is that sick or what? I would think that’s the sort of thing that can be left out of an obituary. Aren’t all sins forgiven in the after life? Apparently not if you dare hit .287 with only three home runs.

Joe Mauer hasn’t played at an MVP-level since signing a monstrous 8-year $184 million extension last March. He’s dealt with injuries and he’s even switched away from playing catcher. It’s a difficult time for Twins fans, but Mauer is still a star player, so have faith. And please check your hatred at heaven’s gate; it’s not healthy.

And as long as nobody brings the casket to a Twins game, we’ll all be safe.

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