Brian Ching Would Rather Retire than Play for MLS Team Montreal Impact

Expansion drafts can be tough for a player. No expansion team is ever good right from the start, so why would you want to leave your team to play for a brand new one with no following and no reputation? Unfortunately, a player sometimes has no choice.  Unless, of course, you threaten to retire like soccer player Brian Ching.

Ching, the Houston Dynamo’s all-time leading scorer, was chosen by the Montreal Impact with the first pick in the MLS expansion draft on Wednesday.  According to the Houston Chronicle, Ching had said prior to the draft that he would retire and work in the Dynamo’s front office is Montreal selected him.

The reason is Montreal’s coach, Jesse Marsch.  Marsch was one of the assistant coaches for Bob Bradley’s 2010 U.S. World Cup team and Ching was one of the last cuts before the team made its trip to South Africa.  Ching insists he would never play for anyone other than Houston coach Dominic Kinnear, but Kinnear chose not to give him the off-limits label heading into the expansion draft.

“I’m very surprised he was selected and very sad,” Kinnear said. “This was a chance we took in leaving him unprotected, and obviously, our gamble didn’t pay off.”

Now, there is nothing left for Ching to do but pray for a trade, suck it up and get over it, or hang his cleats up before he was ready.

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Sporting KC Goalie Jimmy Nielsen Hit in Face with Bobblehead (Pictures)

Coincidentally, the last time we posted about Sporting KC it also had to do with crazy fans.  However, that incident was good, clean fun compared to what happened during Sporting KC’s game against the Portland Timbers on Wednesday night.  We see fans doing ridiculous things all the time so we really shouldn’t be surprised by anything, but sometimes people are so dumb it catches me off-guard.  I don’t care how much alcohol you have consumed or what type of mood you are in, throwing a bobblehead doll at a person should never sound like a good idea.

Unfortunately, some moron did just that Wednesday Night and the result was a prime example of why throwing stuff is stupid.  Check out the pictures of goalie Jimmy Nielsen after he got hit with a bobblehead, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

Thankfully two people were arrested following the incident.  To his credit, Nielsen played it off and said “it’s no big deal” and “it happens.”  Deep down inside he’s probably furious, and who could blame him.  If it were me, I probably would have found the fan and shoved the Omar Bravo bobblehead somewhere less pleasant than his eye.

Sporting KC Fan Dressed as Cow Rushes Field (Video)

We thought this clip was worth showing for two reasons. The first is the obvious: the fan was dressed in a cow onesie. I don’t know what it is with adult onesies lately but we got to see some great ones with the Rays pajama picture and now this.  Secondly, the incident proves that stadium security teams need to experience a field-rusher or two before they can effectively deal with the situation.  Sporting KC hosted their first ever MLS game this week and their novice ranking was exploited when a fan dressed as a cow rushed the field.  Check out the video courtesy of Deadspin:

Let’s be serious — this wasn’t exactly The Great Escape like we saw in Houston.  Once Sporting KC has a few more home games under their belt their security guards will be laying people out Fenway Park style.  Everyone has to experience a learning curve.

New York Red Bull Lands Thierry Henry

At least New York City landed one of its coveted free agent targets this summer. The New York Red Bulls — who actually play at a new stadium in Harrison, NJ — announced Wednesday that French soccer legend Thierry Henry has agreed to a multi-year contract to come display his skills stateside of the Atlantic. Henry, who is expected to make his debut July 22 in an exhibition match against Premier League club Tottenham, had the following to say in an interview on the Red Bulls website:

“Some people might think I am going to go there for vacation – I do actually go there for vacation – but it won’t be for vacation this time. I’m a competitor and I don’t like to lose.”

There is no doubt that this is a good thing for the Red Bulls and MLS, both of whom will benefit from the publicity and star power that Henry commands. But lets not forget, the once crowned prince of the French national team is now 32 years old and landed in the MLS after being let go from Barcelona for lack of quality performance. So while the hype is now officially on, Red Bull fans better hope that Henry brings a few years of quality soccer rather than just a brief spectacle for the franchise.

Thierry Henry joins New York Red Bulls [FOXSports]