Canadiens fans cheer after Zdeno Chara takes puck to the face (Video)

How far is too far? Hockey fans cheer for big hits and fights. When two guys drop the gloves, they want the guy on their team to rearrange the other guy’s face. It’s worse with rivals. Fan bases can develop an unbelievable hatred for one another, and no two groups of fans are a better example of that than the Bruins and Canadiens. That being said, is cheering when a rival player takes a puck to the face uncalled for?

We know Montreal fans despise Zdeno Chara in particular. Last season, Chara laid a questionable hit on Max Pacioretty and the people of Montreal actually forced the police to investigate it as a crime. Clearly they were happy to see him get nailed in the face by a puck on Wednesday night — even though the puck drew blood.

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Rather Large Fan Fight Breaks Out During Bruins-Canadiens Game (Video)

Not scoring a goal all night can be frustrating. When you pay money to go watch a hockey game, the least you expect is for your team to put the puck in the net. When that doesn’t happen against your biggest rival, it’s easy to become frustrated. Perhaps Montreal’s 1-0 loss to the Bruins on Monday night would help explain why a pretty big fan fight broke out in the middle of the game. The intriguing part about it is it almost looks like no Boston fans are involved based on attire, although 25Stanley.com said it was a Bruins-Habs thing. Check out this Canadiens fans fight video:

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Boston Bruins Fan Kelly Park Pranks Montreal Canadiens Fan Boss (Video)

The Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens are bitter rivals and possibly the biggest rivalry in the NHL. The rivalry is so bad that broadcasters take it out on the fans. Worse yet, it causes players to flip off the fans. It’s bad. The good news is the Bruins won the series in seven to keep my playoff beard alive. Another benefit to the win is that at least one Bruins fan was able to prank his boss because of the series.

Kevin Park is a web developer for a clothing company and his boss is a Canadiens fan. After the Bruins won the series, he decided to prank his boss by doing a little office redecoration. Check out the video via Puck Daddy:

The video’s title made it seem like Park was going to be fired over the prank but it sure seems like his boss took it well. Hey, at the worst, all he has to do is switch offices with Kelly, right? I mean why let all that beautiful work go to waste.

Bruins Player Andrew Ference Flips Canadiens Fans the Bird (Video)

In case you didn’t know how intense the rivalry was between the Bruins and Canadiens, that video should tell you. Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference scored in the second period to make it 3-2 Montreal and had a nice message for the Canadiens fans. In case the video gets pulled, here’s a picture of Ference flipping the bird to Montreal fans.

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