Bode Miller’s wife had sad reaction to his horrible race (GIF)

Bode-Miller-wifeBode Miller provided America with its most disappointing moment of the weekend at the Sochi Olympics when he failed to win a medal in the downhill event. The 36-year-old is the most decorated alpine skier in US Olympic history. He won two out of three training sessions in the men’s downhill and was the favorite to take home the gold. Instead, Miller finished eighth.

After the race, Miller’s wife Morgan Beck looked as devastated as anyone. She clearly said, “Oh my God,” before turning away and pulling her hood over her head to cover here face. Miller had a similar reaction.

Miller blamed the course, saying it was a lot slower during the actual race than it was during training.

“It’s just the course just slowed down, it’s one of the big challenges in ski racing is sometimes it’s not in your hands,” he said, via Bill Plaschke of the LA Times. “This can be a tough one to swallow today. This is the premier event, and it’s something I’ve thought about quite a bit.”

Miller’s gold medal in the super combined event and his bronze in the downhill race four years ago in Vancouver will likely be the last of his Olympic career.

GIFs via @cjzero

Bode Miller accidentally mangles his wife Morgan’s eye with a golf ball (Picture)


If Bode Miller’s wife chose to never play golf again in her life, no one would blame her. Morgan Miller, a professional volleyball player who was formerly known as Morgan Beck, decided to play a little golf on Wednesday with her Olympic gold medalist husband. Things did not go as planned.

According to Morgan’s Twitter account, Bode accidentally drilled her with what she described as a “160 mph line drive” to the left eye. Fortunately she was wearing sunglasses, which absorbed some of the blow and left her with 50+ stitches and a temporary loss of vision rather than blindness in her left eye and possibly worse. For those of you who have strong stomachs, the uncensored version of the photo you see above is after the jump.

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