Nazr Mohammed apologizes for his ejection

LeBron James Nazr MohammedNazr Mohammed apologized after Friday’s game for his ejection during the second quarter of the Chicago Bulls’ 104-94 loss to the Miami Heat.

Mohammed reacted to a technical foul by LeBron James by pushing the Heat forward, who fell to the ground. Mohammed received a Flagrant 2 foul for his actions and was ejected. He vented on Twitter and apologized for his behavior, which cost the Bulls some much-needed depth in the middle, forcing Joakim Noah to play 42 minutes.

“Sorry for my overreaction & being ejected. I blacked out & just reacted after I was pushed down. I’m happy it only resulted w/ a push,” Mohammed wrote.

Mohammed also wanted to make it clear that he recognizes his behavior was not exemplary.

“For the kids who were watching… That not the way to react on the basketball court,” he wrote.

Mohammed then capped it off with this tweet:

Mohammamed probably feels terribly about hurting his team in addition to setting a poor example. But like he said, when you’re in the middle of competition, sometimes it’s not so easy to control your emotions.

Nazr Mohammed ejected for shoving LeBron James (Video)

LeBron James Nazr MohammedThere was physical play that resulted in an ejection once again in the Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls playoff series, and once again LeBron James was involved. This time it was Nazr Mohammed taking his swipe at James.

As James was bringing the ball up the court early in the second quarter of Game 3 on Friday in Chicago, Mohammed went to wrap up the Heat forward. James reacted by throwing Mohammed down in a whirlwind motion, leading to him receiving a technical foul. But Mohammed came back with a shove on James and was ejected.

There was a momentary mini-scrum on the court before both teams were separated.

I actually thought James flopped somewhat after being pushed, but there’s no denying whether or not Mohammed deserved the ejection.