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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Ned Colletti

Dodgers reportedly prevented Ned Colletti from making trades

The Dodgers finally demoted Ned Colletti as GM on Tuesday and announced that former Tampa Bay Rays executive Andrew Friedman was taking over as president of baseball operations. Even though the announcement of Colletti’s demotion was not made until this week, it seems like the Dodgers knew this was a direction they were heading. According…Read More

Don’t Buy Dodgers’ P.R. Spin on Manny

I love the way the Dodgers are trying to play this whole Manny Ramirez free agent negotiation. It’s going down exactly as I expected. Anyone who follows the Dodgers knows that Frank McCourt can’t afford to pay Manny the type of money he wants and probably deserves. At the same time, Manny is ridiculously popular…Read More

Ned Colletti Explains How the Manny Ramirez Trade Went Down

The Manny Ramirez acquisition has been one of the most intriguing story lines the Dodgers have had in the past 20 years, no doubt about it. The fan response has been incredible, with merchandise and ticket sales exploding, and for good reason. ManRam has been crushing the ball since coming to Los Angeles and figures…Read More

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