Eagles-Vikings Postponed Because of Snow? NFL Getting Too Soft

The NFL used to consist of a tough bunch of teams and players who would bite off your balls if that’s what it took to make a statement. Get in my way and see what happens. That’s right, I’m talking to you.

Now, it seems as if the wimps have won. You know, the fruity loops who couldn’t play — not even in the second and third grade — because they might break their glasses and their mommies would make a scene. Instead, those guys became lawyers. Now, they rule the NFL.

They canceled a game in Philly, for what? Because of snow? Are you kidding me? Some of the greatest games in history have been played in the snow. The players love it. The fans love it. Slip and slide and see where you end up.

Apparently, though, tough s#%t for them. Who do they think they are? The lawyers worry about liability.

America, where the NFL reigns supreme, land of freely kicking ass, you are doomed. People get ready. There’s a train a coming. Don’t ask questions, just get on board. Like good little lambs. Baa.

Too bad. But you can’t say you don’t get what you deserve.

Photo Credit: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Admission to the Giants-Vikings Game at Ford Field is Free

When your team has been as bad as the Detroit Lions have been in recent history, it’s nice to be able to take in a free NFL game every now and then — especially when it’s not the Lions.  Fans in the Detroit area who have nothing to do Monday night at around 6:20 p.m. local time have an opportunity to catch the game between the Giants and Vikings at no cost.

After the roof of the Metrodome collapsed on Sunday morning, the NFL decided to move the Giants-Vikings game to Monday night at the indoor Ford Field.  Starting at 8:00 a.m fans can call to get tickets to the game and punch their ticket to a decent football game at Ford Field.  The best news of all is Lions’ fans can leave their paper bags at home.

Of course, it makes sense for the Lions to make the game free with concessions and game day operations.  It wasn’t a game they came into the season expecting to sell tickets for, so all the money they’ll make in beer and snacks will be well worth it even after they give they give the Vikings a cut.