Does Patrik Elias of the Devils have the Kings’ winning Stanley Cup puck?

The L.A. Kings have possession of the Stanley Cup, and at the end of the day that’s likely all they care about. However, the game-winning puck would certainly look nice in a trophy case right next to their massive piece of championship hardware. The problem is the Kings don’t seem to know where it is.

What we do know is that the puck was on the ice as the final horn sounded at the end of Game 6. As you can see with a close examnination of the video below, Patrik Elias of the Devils skated toward the puck when the celebration began and appeared to pick it up. He then skated toward the bench and returned to the handshake line without it. Skip ahead to the two-minute mark and keep your eye on center ice.

Rich Hammond of LA Kings Insider broke the mystery down with still images and a better explanation of what could have happened. Hammond says he reached out to the Kings and nobody seems to know the whereabouts of the puck. The video isn’t the greatest evidence, but the still shots Hammond provides seem to make it clear that Elias was one of the last people – if not the last person – to touch the puck. As for what would motivate him to keep it, we have no idea. Perhaps he brought it over to the bench absentmindedly and it got lost in transition. Or, perhaps he’s sitting at home having a good laugh at the buzz he’s created across the internet.

Steve Bernier’s penalty resulted in a 5-minute power play and 3 goals (Video)

The Kings beat the Devils 6-1 in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals to win their first Cup in franchise history, and you can point to a first period penalty committed by Steve Bernier as the game’s turning point.

Bernier got a five-minute boarding penalty and game misconduct for slamming Kings defenseman Rob Scuderi into the boards behind the Kings net midway through the first period. Devils coach Peter DeBoer didn’t think Bernier deserved a game misconduct, but Bernier went straight for Scuderi instead of the puck and checked him viciously into the boards.

The Kings were then on a man advantage and rattled off three goals in the next 3:58 as if they were facing a rec league goalie.

With Jonathan Quick in net, that’s all they needed. They added another goal in the second, and two more in the third including an empty-netter.

Bernier’s five-minute penalty was the difference in the game and has landed him on the list of biggest Stanley Cup goats and subjected his Wikipedia page to defacement. Face it Devils fans, being down 3-0 in the series you probably weren’t coming all the way back anyhow.

Dustin Brown drops f-bomb in interview after winning Stanley Cup (Video)

And yet another example of why it’s always a risk to broadcast live. Kings captain Dustin Brown was asked after his team beat the Devils 6-1 in Game 6 to win the Stanley Cup if he ever thought the team would win it all. His answer involved a cuss word.

“You never know … that’s why we ****ing play.”

Well said, Dustin. And bonus points for sounding exactly like Brad Pitt’s piker character from “Snatch.”

Kings accidentally sent plans to withhold stats from Devils coaches to the media

The LA Kings’ plans to withhold stats from Devils coaches as payback were made public after en email was accidentally sent to the media.

The Kings apparently were upset that the team’s coaches didn’t get stats from the Devils’ PR staff until the final two minutes of the second intermission during Game 5, so they’re planning to do the same in Game 6.

Here’s what the email, that was accidentally sent to members of the media, said:

“Jersey PR (whether it was their fault or not) didn’t get stats to our locker room until about two minutes left in the intermission. Our coaches were not happy about this. So we are going to do the same to them tomorrow.

“So unless you hear otherwise from me make sure their locker room does NOT get stats UNTIL about two minutes left to go in the intermission. Even if you literally have to eye the clock and wait. If they ask what’s taking so long just tell them our copy machines are down.”

Ah, the old copier was down excuse. That’s going to be my go-to excuse in life from now on. When people talk about home field or home ice advantage, this is just one example of the many advantages a team can have.

Relax, Devils fans, it could be much worse.

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L.A. Kings fans heckle Devils with giant ‘Jersey Shore’ heads (Picture)

The Kings currently hold a commanding 3-0 lead over the Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals. The series is all but over. In fact, all four series the Kings have played in this postseason have been all but over after a mere three games. Los Angeles has completely dominated the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. They are the first NHL team to ever take a 3-0 series lead over all four of their playoff opponents, so I’d say their fans are pretty much entitled to do whatever they want. That includes heckling the opponent with giant “Jersey Shore” faces.

As the Devils watched their Stanley Cup hopes drift further away on Monday night, they also had to look at giant cardboard cut-outs of Mike “The Situation,” Snooki, and some of the other stars from MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” If this was Game 1, we’d call it a pretty weak attempt at heckling the opponent. Since the Kings are in total control, it’s hilarious. You may not appreciate it, but we know a certain NFL coach who would love to give these fans a pat on the back.

Martin Brodeur not a fan of Madison Square Garden

The Devils evened their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Rangers with a 3-2 win in Game 2 on Wednesday. Martin Brodeur allowed two goals for the second straight game, and he was particularly irked about the first goal he allowed in Game 2 — one that was scored thanks to a rebound off the boards.

“It’s a tough place to play,” he said of Madison Square Garden after the game. “There’s so many bad bounces. The ice is not good, the boards are awful and the glass makes crazy bounces everywhere. In the second period I think two or three just went right in front of my net. So mentally it’s a tough game to play because you really have to look at the puck all game long.”

Even though Marc Staal’s goal bothered him, he was happy just to have the win.

“But I feel pretty good whenever I win. Doesn’t matter how I play, I feel good.”

Below is a video of the goal in question:

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Panthers John Madden and Tomas Kopecky had bloody collision (Video)

In a scene straight out of the “Three Stooges,” Florida Panthers teammates John Madden and Tomas Kopecky collided mid-ice, with Madden getting badly bloodied.

The collision occured in the first two minutes of Game 7 against the Devils, and unsurprisingly, Madden returned later in the period after missing about 13 minutes. You know the only thing worse than getting jacked up by a teammate? Getting jacked up by a teammate in a losing effort; The Devils won 3-2 in double overtime to advance to the second round. New Jersey visits Philadelphia for Game 1 on Sunday.

Below is a look at Madden’s crooked, cotton-filled nose later in the game:

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