Olympic runner Nick Symmonds will work out naked until he finds an apparel sponsor

Nick-Symmonds-OlympicsUS Olympic runner Nick Symmonds has a tremendous sense of humor. What he does not have, however, is an apparel sponsor.

The Winter Games in Sochi begin in just over a month, and Symmonds is still searching for some financial assistance. Until he finds it, he will have to alter his training routine.

On Wednesday, Symmonds said he will be forced to work out in the nude until someone offers him a contract.

Paris Hilton might enjoy watching Symmonds run around with nothing on, but if “Seinfeld” has taught us anything it’s that even the most physically fit body can be tough to look at during strenuous activity. What are the apparel companies waiting for? Symmonds almost set the record in the beer mile last summer. Need I say more?

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U.S. Olympic runner Nick Symmonds nearly sets record in the beer mile (Video)

U.S. Olympic runner Nick Symmonds has never won an Olympic medal in his young career, but that could all change if the beer mile becomes an official Olympic event before 2016. Symmonds recently ran the beer mile in an impressive 5:19. Many of you could probably run a mile in 5:19, but could you do it while chugging four beers along the way?

As you can see from the video above from TMZ.com, Symmonds did. The record in the beer mile, held by Canadian marathon runner Jim Finlayson, is 5:09. Unfortunately, Symmonds fell just short of that mark. However, he told TMZ that he will run the race again in the future in hopes of capturing the record.

Aside from finishing fifth in the 800-meter race in London, Symmonds’ previous claim to fame was having gone on a date with a well-known celebrity. Now, he can add “beer mile boss” to his resume.

Olympic runner Nick Symmonds goes on a date with Paris Hilton

Olympic runner Nick Symmonds spends most of his time preparing for the London Games. However, he recently got a chance to spend some downtime with someone who is apparently very special to him. According to NBC Sports, Symmonds recently visited Los Angeles and went on a date with Paris Hilton.

With rain falling at the site of the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, Symmonds says he was relaxing in Beverly Hills when he got a surprise email from Hilton, who was flying in from New York. She asked if they could meet, and he arranged for a meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel — a spot that is known for being very private.

“Three weeks out from the Trials, I thought that would be a much-needed quick escape,” Symmonds said. “I was pleasantly surprised to be able to sit down with Paris Hilton one-on-one and get to know her a little bit better.”

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Olympic Runner Nick Symmonds Using eBay to Auction Advertising Space on Body

Olympic runner Nick Symmonds is offering people the chance to advertise their Twitter handles on his body through a temporary tattoo. Symmonds was a member of the 2008 U.S. Track and Field team and is currently ranked first in the country in the 800 meters. He’s looking for sponsors and using eBay to auction advertising space on his body.

As part of the agreement, Symmonds will wear a temporary tattoo on his left shoulder of the winning bidder’s Twitter name during every event in which he participates. He’s also offering to tweet a monthly message of support for the auction winner. The only catch is that the winning bidder’s Twitter name cannot conflict with existing Olympics team sponsors.

Symmonds’ schedule has eight events, including the Olympic Games in London. There have already been over 44 bids placed, and the price is over $1,500.

Let’s just hope the winning bid doesn’t end up being a dud like this one.

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