Dwyane Wade nicknames himself ‘Wow’, LeBron James does not approve

Dwyane Wade has come up with a new nickname for himself, and at least one of his Miami Heat teammates does not approve. According to Ethan J. Skolnick of The Palm Beach Post, Wade would now like to be referred to as “WOW.”

The acronym stands for “World of Wade,” and I think LeBron James can speak for all of us in saying that it is not cool.

“It’s ‘WOW,’ Way of Wade,” James told the media. “I think it’s corny.”

D-Wade didn’t exactly come up with it on his own. His new shoe company, Li-Ning, is using the slogan “Way of Wade” as a tagline for promoting its products that are endorsed by Wade. However, the Heat star is the one who would like to be called “WOW.”

“I’m taking it global!” Wade said enthusiastically after catching some ribbing from LeBron.

The only thing worse than a bad nickname is a bad nickname that you come up with on your own. When coaches make fun of players by giving them nicknames like this, at least the player has no control over it. If you ask me, D-Wade is a fine enough nickname where Wade doesn’t need to go around calling himself “WOW.” This just further confirms why I don’t like the guy.

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Nationals pitcher Drew Storen has a new nickname: Tinkerbell

Depending on how much of a trend-setter Nationals manager Davey Johnson is, Washington relief pitcher Drew Storen could be in for a long season of harassment. I have never actually seen Storen pitch, but apparently he has a unique delivery — so unique that Johnson has decided the nickname “Tinkerbell” would suit his right-hander.

“I’m going to start calling him Tinkerbell,” Johnson said after the Nats’ spring training game on Sunday according to the Washington Post. “He comes in with all kinds of different little moves. Once the game started, he looked good.”

Storen faced three batters and retired all three on 11 total pitches, striking out two of them. Whatever crazy delivery he has going on, it must work. If I was a member of the Nationals squad, I’d be doing everything in my power to make this stick. Can’t you just see the name “Tinkerbell” written on the left-hand ticker of Sportscenter when Storen has a dominant relief outing? How about that deep-voiced guy saying, “The Nationals then turned to Tinkerbell” in Washington’s World Series DVD if they ever won it all? Make it happen.

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Colleges With the Weirdest Names … and Strangest Nicknames

Yeah, sure, it’s all well and good for roses. But, let’s face it, colleges by other names just, well, stink. Have you ever turned on the television during the early part of college basketball season only to find your favorite team playing a school whose name appears to be a mash-up of the cast of M*A*S*H? Well, take solace in that a win is forthcoming if a big name school goes up against Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The only riddle to be found in that game would be what the sound of one hand clapping is, though one would be lucky to find even that many in attendance. It could be worse, though. You could find your team facing a bout of indecisiveness when they take on Valley City State. Can’t make up your mind on a name designation? Use all three!

I’m sure Picasso and Van Gogh would have come to blows during a meeting of the Academy of Art University and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Good luck trying to keep the other team out of the paint. Which one will it be? William Jessup? William Jewell? William Penn? Two more and you have a very odd starting five. Hey, I wouldn’t be the one betting against St. Ambrose, St. Francis, St. Joseph, St. Mary or St. Vincent. For good measure, you’ve got Holy Names if you can’t decide among those. If you’re looking for an amicable rivalry, pick up the phone, dial Wichita, and schedule Friends (presuming their fight song wasn’t penned by the Rembrandts). After all, friends don’t let Friends drive to the basket alone. Troll through enough box scores and you may think that you’re reading a blood panel. Viterbo (Wisconsin) and Berea (Kentucky) aren’t too far from another, as is St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Why is it not surprising that Philander Smith College is located in Bill Clinton’s home state?

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Derek “Dutch Oven” Holland

One of the common laments we hear is how there aren’t any more good nicknames in sports. Back in the day, players used to have all kinds of nicknames pertaining to looks or ethnicity, and maybe it’s because the concept of “political correctness” didn’t exist. Still, we’ve had some good nicknames including The Big Ticket, The Big Hurt, and Revis Island, but most nicknames have evolved into shortcuts involving a player’s name. Invoking initials and numbers e.g. CP3 or CB4 does not qualify. Neither does the combination of player’s first initial-hyphen-shortened version of player’s last name. “A-Rod” is not a nickname and it’s sad we have two world-class athletes fighting over it. Luckily for us, Rangers young pitcher Derek Holland won’t fall into the same trap.

The Rangers’ second year southpaw made his season debut Wednesday night, dealing six scoreless innings to beat the A’s and earn his first win of the year. After the game, Holland was interviewed by FSN’s Emily Jones and asked if he liked the nickname “Wonderboy” that some people had bestowed upon him. As Jimmy Traina points out at SI Hot Clicks, Holland said he preferred something else. Yes, I’m guessing you know where we’re going here and it’s obviously a play on Derek’s last name. The natural question is whether the guy really is Dutch. Who knows? At least Holland can be proud he now has something in common with Jessica Simpson.

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