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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Articles tagged: nicknames

Nationals pitcher Drew Storen has a new nickname: Tinkerbell

Depending on how much of a trend-setter Nationals manager Davey Johnson is, Washington relief pitcher Drew Storen could be in for a long season of harassment. I have never actually seen Storen pitch, but apparently he has a unique delivery — so unique that Johnson has decided the nickname “Tinkerbell” would suit his right-hander. “I’m…Read More

Colleges With the Weirdest Names … and Strangest Nicknames

Yeah, sure, it’s all well and good for roses. But, let’s face it, colleges by other names just, well, stink. Have you ever turned on the television during the early part of college basketball season only to find your favorite team playing a school whose name appears to be a mash-up of the cast of…Read More

Derek “Dutch Oven” Holland

One of the common laments we hear is how there aren’t any more good nicknames in sports. Back in the day, players used to have all kinds of nicknames pertaining to looks or ethnicity, and maybe it’s because the concept of “political correctness” didn’t exist. Still, we’ve had some good nicknames including The Big Ticket,…Read More

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