Rick Neuheisel watches son Jerry beat Texas in priceless video

What could be more satisfying for a father than this?

Former UCLA quarterback and head coach Rick Neuheisel has been broadcasting with Pac-12 Networks ever since being fired by UCLA late in the 2011 season. Before he left UCLA, he recruited his son, Jerry, to come play quarterback for the Bruins, just like pops. Never could the two have imagined what Jerry would one day do.

After Bruins star quarterback Brett Hundley hyper-extended his left elbow early in Saturday’s game against Texas at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, UCLA turned to Jerry, who is the team’s backup QB.

Though Jerry, a redshirt sophomore, looked completely overmatched at first, he threw a touchdown pass on the Bruins’ opening possession of the second half and a beautiful 33-yard TD pass with three minutes left in the game to give UCLA a 20-17 lead and the win.

Jerry had only thrown 13 career passes prior to Saturday’s game, yet he hung tough and led the Bruins to victory to keep them undefeated at 3-0.

It was an incredible game, great win for Jerry, and his dad got to watch it all from the Pac-12 Networks offices.

If you haven’t seen this video of Rick interviewing Jerry, you must. The two are clones. And you’ll know why we call Jerry “Little Ricky.”

Rick son Jerry Neuheisel

Rick Neuheisel interviews son Jerry who is his clone (Video)

Rick Neuheisel is an analyst for the Pac-12 Network, while his son, Jerry, is a backup quarterback for the UCLA Bruins football team. UCLA had its spring game over the weekend, and Rick had a chance to interview his son after the game. The result will blow your mind.

Jerry is a total clone of his father. He looks the same. He talks the same. He has the same personality. He’s like a younger version of his dad.

It’s insane.

I always called him “Lil Ricky” as a joke, but I had no idea he was this much of a chip off the old block. Goodness. And how great were they together on camera?

What’s cool is that Jerry is totally aware of the similarities:

Rick son Jerry Neuheisel

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Rick Neuheisel pats himself on the back for Brett Hundley’s strong debut

Redshirt freshman quarterback Brett Hundley had an excellent collegiate debut in UCLA’s 49-24 season-opening win over Rice on Thursday. Hundley went 21/28 for 202 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. He also ran for a 72-yard touchdown on his first collegiate play, prompting the following tweet from former Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel:

Yes, the recruiting certainly was worth it, Rick. Way to take the spotlight away from Hundley for a minute so you can remind fans to thank you for your efforts. I suppose we should also thank you for not realizing Hundley’s talents last year, whereby enabling him to have four more years of eligibility. Who knows? Had you started him last year, maybe you’d still be coaching.

H/T LBS contributor Chaz

Rick Neuheisel Carried Off Field by Bruins After Last Practice, Cries (Video)

While Rick Neuheisel cried tears of sadness following his final practice as head coach of UCLA Wednesday, everyone else cried tears of joy. Alright, so maybe I’m in the minority as an emotionally shallow person who didn’t buy into Rick’s hype. The last four years of the program were wasted. There’s no way around it. But it was nice to see the team carry Rick off Spaulding Field after his last practice as head coach.

Rick had a difficult time speaking with the media after practice. He teared up several times:

Do the Bruins have a chance in the Pac-12 title game?

“Rather than thinking about winning, I want to think about playing our asses off,” Neuheisel said after practice. “I want to think about being furious with respect to the intensity that we play with. That will give us a chance, and we’ll see what transpires, but we are going to play like there is no tomorrow because there isn’t.”

It would be absurd to think that the Bruins win this game in Eugene. They’re 30-point underdogs. They were completely outclassed by the Ducks last year 60-13. I’d like to think the Bruins will have an emotional edge on Friday, but that would be a dream. I still don’t see how they can stop Oregon’s offense.

Rick Neuheisel’s Overly Positive Attitude Mocked in Fantastic Video

Rick Neuheisel could walk into a dining hall where dog bleep was being served for lunch and find a way to compliment the tablecloth. With that in mind comes this video from the geniuses at The Solid Verbal:

Neuheisel finally conceded a few weeks ago that he would no longer bore the home crowd with a speech after games. What’s there to say after you’ve had your head handed to you 35-0? Neuheisel finally figured out that the fans don’t want to hear about perfectly executed huddles and top notch hustle. We want wins dammit!

Well done Dan and Ty, well done.

UCLA Football Showing Little Improvement Under Rick Neuheisel

There have been some really nice moments for UCLA’s football team this year. They beat Houston at home, knocking out two quarterbacks in the process. Just two weeks ago, Rick Neuheisel got his signature win with the team — a one-sided victory in Austin. But the team is still 3-3, and the biggest issue to me is the way this team is playing, and the embarrassing nature of its losses.

UCLA fell to Cal on Saturday 35-7, and they lost 35-0 to Stanford earlier in the year. Losing 70-7 to the NorCal schools is simply unacceptable, and that goes for any team in the Pac-10. The Bruins have no passing game whatsoever, and they moved to the pistol offense which seems to be effective, but they don’t have the right quarterback for the system. The offensive line hasn’t provided necessary protection, and the receivers can’t create separation. The defense is solid with some good playmakers, but it’s hard to have success if they’re on the field constantly and starting off in poor field position.

There was a lot of optimism when Neuheisel took over the program. He went out and stunned Tennessee on national TV in his first game, backing up all his talk. The team has had strong recruiting classes according to most rankings, and Neuheisel has talked up the program a good deal in the media. The problem is the results haven’t been there on the field on a consistent basis.

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Rick Neuheisel and Pete Carroll Were Both Wrong for UCLA/USC Ending

The UCLA/USC crosstown rivalry is always heated and contentious, regardless of how well or poorly the teams are performing. One team may dominate the rivalry for a stretch of time but that doesn’t take away from the overall significance the fans place on this game. Out of all the years that the game has been played, we may have never seen a contest end with such heated emotion as we did on Saturday. With the game already out of hand at 21-7 and under a minute to play, Rick Neuheisel called a timeout to stop the clock and stop USC’s kneel-down efforts. The first mistake was made by Neuheisel who did not concede defeat and take his medicine. Bottom line, your team is not very good, they got beat by a better squad, admit the defeat and try to get better for next year. If UCLA wasn’t letting up and continuing to compete then there’s nothing wrong with USC continuing to compete.

USC was in the wrong for jeering, showboating, and taunting after scoring the touchdown. Scoring the TD on UCLA after the Bruins decided they weren’t going to go out quietly was enough of a statement; the touchdown was thoroughly embarrassing. The sad part is that it wasn’t the players acting independently that produced the skirmish at the end — they took their lead from their coach, Pete Carroll. Carroll acted childishly, unprofessionally, and without class. His team was better, they had proven it on the field, and they had embarrassed UCLA with the final score. Why not let the TD speak for itself? It surely sent Neuheisel a message to submit when you’ve been beaten, so why give the Bruins a chance to win the second game — the postgame fight? In both regards, each coach was in the wrong and should learn from his behavior. It’s also seemed like Carroll was taking out his aggression and frustration from the Stanford game out on the Bruins. Neuheisel may have ignited it by refusing to quit but Carroll went overboard in the celebration. He should have saved that for Harbaugh. Here’s the video of the UCLA/USC fight after the game:

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