Floyd Mayweather Sr. fights Robert Guerrero’s father outside gym (Video)

Floyd-Mayweather-Sr-fight-outside-gymFloyd Mayweather Sr. is 61 years old and retired from boxing, but the elder Mayweather proved earlier this week that he has not thrown his last punch. On Wednesday, Mayweather Sr. got into a fight with Ruben Guerrero, the father of professional boxer Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, outside a boxing gym in Las Vegas.

TMZ reported that both men were at the gym shooting footage for a reality television show, but the argument outside the training center was not scripted. As you can see in the clip above, Mayweather Sr. threw some swings at Guerrero while a bunch of people tried to break the scrum up. It doesn’t appear like anyone landed any solid punches.

Mayweather Jr. fought Robert Guerrero last May and cruised to a relatively easy victory, despite a whole lot of trash talk from Guerrero before the fight. In one press conference leading up to the bout, Ruben went off on Mayweather Jr. and called him a “woman beater” several times. It comes as no surprise that the two families are not fond of one another.

Floyd Mayweather hurt his right hand in win over Robert Guerrero

Floyd Mayweather right hand

Floyd Mayweather Jr. cruised to victory over Robert Guerrero on Saturday night at the MGM in Las Vegas, winning the fight by unanimous decision. All three judges had it 117-111 in favor of Mayweather, who is now 44-0.

Mayweather said he was looking for a knockout but a right hand injury sustained during the fight prevented him from doing so.

“I feel bad that I didn’t the knockout tonight. I was looking for it, but I hurt my right hand,” Mayweather said after the fight.

Mayweather said he hurt his right hand midway through the fight, but that didn’t stop him from throwing a number of big right hand shots in the later rounds.

Floyd had Guerrero measured after five rounds and began toying with him in the ring. He wasn’t getting hit by counter-punches as much, so he danced around more and left his hands low. Almost all the damage he did during the fight was with his right, which he fired with regularity. He was really hunting for the knockout in the 11th but was unable to seal the deal.

Guerrero sustained a cut above his left eye around the eighth round but managed to last all 12 rounds despite being clearly overmatched.

After the fight, he admitted Mayweather was better than he thought.

“Little better than I thought. I thought I was going to catch him up,” Guerrero said.

At least Robert wasn’t as delusional as his father, Ruben, who was going around screaming after the fight that Floyd “ran like a chicken.”

Floyd was on the move in the early rounds, which is when Guerrero controlled the ring and connected with body shots. But once Mayweather had him measured, it was all over.

Floyd says he is planning to fight in September. About the only concern is whether or not his hand, which was swolen and cradled by his body, will delay his plans to return.

Robert Guerrero’s father goes off on Floyd Mayweather, calls him ‘woman beater’ (Video)

Ruben-Guerrero-Floyd-Mayweather-woman-beaterFloyd Mayweather Jr. and Robert Guerrero are set to square off in the ring on Saturday night, and there has been no shortage of drama leading up to the fight. Guerrero has been given the chance of a lifetime, but at Wednesday’s pre-fight news conference it seemed like his father was more anxious for the fight than he was.

Ruben Guerrero, who is also Robert’s trainer, took the podium very briefly before he was basically pried away by Oscar de la Hoya.

“May 4th, baby, you guys are gonna find out,” Ruben began. [...]“My son’s blessed. I’m blessed, no matter what I am. I am what I am. I’m the real deal. I don’t talk s***, man. I back it up. I back it up, baby. Anytime, anywhere, like I said.

“And we’re gonna beat up that woman beater. The one that beat up his wife, man — his wife in front of his kids! You guys like that s***? You like this guy, (the) woman beater? He must have learned that from his dad. Woman beater, baby. We’re gonna beat that woman beater! See how he’s gonna like it. He’s gonna get it from a real man! Damn woman beaters. We’re gonna beat that woman beater down!”

Mayweather simply kept his head buried in his cell phone and chuckled most of the time, although his face did turn a bit serious when Ruben first brought up his checkered past. Mayweather has been in trouble with the law several times regarding instances of domestic violence. He served a county jail sentence from June 1, 2012, until August of 2012 after pleading guilty to misdemeanor battery.

Earlier this week, Robert Guerrero released a video stating he is going to pull a Buster Douglas on Mayweather. If Floyd doesn’t watch his back, Ruben may try to Buster Douglas him before Saturday night even rolls around.

Robert Guerrero: I’m going to pull a Buster Douglas on Floyd Mayweather

robert-guerrero-beltsRobert Guerrero and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will meet on Saturday in Las Vegas for the WBC welterweight title, and Guerrero is confident entering the fight despite being a heavy underdog.

Guerrero has started a #BeatFloyd social media movement, and he has been talking a lot of trash leading up to the bout.

Guerrero, who is from Gilroy, Calif., has a long-standing relationship with our partner site, Yardbarker.com. He made the video seen above for Yardbarker. In the video, Guerrero predicts he will pull a Buster Douglas-like upset on Mayweather.

“I honestly feel this is a modern-day David vs. Goliath,” Guerrero says in the video. “I’m in that position like Buster Douglas. I’m going to show up to the fight and I’m going to take him out just like Buster Douglas did Mike Tyson.”

Douglas’ win over Tyson in 1990 is widely considered one of the biggest upsets ever in the sport. Tyson was 37-0 at the time and thought to be an unstoppable, killing machine in the ring. But he came in overconfident and didn’t pay much attention to Douglas, who shockingly knocked him out in the 10th round. A lot of people didn’t think anything of the fight, which took place in Tokyo, and they were stunned to see the result.

Guerrero has been saying in the buildup to the fight that he thinks Mayweather is ripe for a fall.

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Robert Guerrero fires shot at Floyd Mayweather over Twitter


Robert Guerrero is getting cocky ahead of his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The two will meet in the ring May 4 on Showtime. Mayweather appeared on Showtime’s telecast of the Cornelius Bundrage-Ishe Smith card Saturday evening to promote his new deal with the network. He also was promoting his fighter, J’Leon Love, who is part of The Money Team, and who beat Derrick Findley.

Mayweather worked in Love’s corner for the fight and tweeted about it. Guerrero responded to that tweet, telling Money to get used to being in the corner — an intimation that he would end the champ’s fighting career:

Nothing like some solid trash talk to get everyone excited for the fight. You have to love Guerrero saying he’s going to hand Mayweather his first career loss.

Guerrero has been calling out Floyd since beating Andre Berto in November. It was reported a month later that the two would be fighting in May, but that wasn’t confirmed until recently. Mayweather even tweeted that he was going to face Devon Alexander, probably because he was trying to throw everyone off the scent ahead of the announcement of his big deal with Showtime.

I know Mayweather is undefeated and considered invincible, but he took plenty of shots against Miguel Cotto in his last fight, and he is getting up there at age 36. I don’t see him fighting a whole lot more in his career, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him struggle against the Ghost. I bet it goes the distance and that Mayweather takes plenty of shots.

Floyd Mayweather reportedly will fight Robert Guerrero in May


Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly will face Robert Guerrero when he steps into the ring in May 2013.

Boxing Scene reported on Friday that a deal for Mayweather to fight Guerrero is “close to done,” for May 4 in Las Vegas. The bout reportedly would be at 147 pounds, which would be a slight step down for Mayweather, who fought at 151 against Miguel Cotto in May.

MLive.com’s David Mayo wrote on Sunday that the two will fight in May, and that all that remains is a formal announcement.

Further confirmation of the expected fight comes from BoxRec.com, which lists the May 4 bout on the pages for Mayweather and Guerrero. This screenshot is from Mayweather’s page:


For accuracy sake, BoxRec wrote last May that Mayweather would face Victor Ortiz four months later, and they were right.

ESPN’s Dan Rafael says nothing is finalized and that an announcement likely won’t come until after the holidays, while Mayweather’s manager, Leonard Ellerbe, says nothing has been decided.

News of a Mayweather-Guerrero fight is somewhat surprising.

Mayweather was said to be considering either Guerrero or Canelo Alvarez as his next opponent. Alvarez teased his fans two weeks ago by saying on Facebook that he was close to finalizing a deal to fight Mayweather. Either Alvarez was misinformed, something in the negotiation went wrong, or these reports are false. We’re believing the latest reports that have Mayweather facing Guerrero.

Guerrero (31-1-1) is coming off a November win over Andre Berto. He called out Mayweather following the win, and it looks like he’ll be getting the chance he was seeking.

Mayweather, Guerrero, and Alvarez all work with Golden Boy Promotions.

Floyd Mayweather reportedly has interest in fighting Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. following his win over Andre Berto on Saturday, and it sounds like there may be interest in the fight from Money’s side.

The LA Times reports that Golden Boy Promotions has initiated discussions about the fight with Mayweather’s reps.

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer told the Times that “interest is there” on Mayweather’s side for the fight.

Schaefer reportedly was in contact with Mayweather’s advisor, Leonard Ellerbe, and his manager, Al Haymon, on Saturday. Haymon also manages Berto, who lost to Guerrero by unanimous decision.

Guerrero has been in the mix to be the one to hit the Mayweather lottery since early this year, but Mayweather decided to fight Miguel Cotto in his most recent bout.

Until his win over Berto, Guerrero didn’t have enough of a resume or name to merit a fight with Mayweather, who selects his fights and opponents very carefully. Mayweather could choose to fight Guerrero some time next year, or he could go with someone like Canelo Alvarez late next year. Just don’t expect a Manny Pacquiao matchup in the near future.

Photo: Robert Guerrero/Twitter