Roddy White wants Falcons to draft Jadeveon Clowney or trade their pick

Roddy-White-FalconsRoddy White has been with the Atlanta Falcons for nine seasons, and 2013 was one of the worst. The only positive to come out of Atlanta’s 4-12 season is the No. 6 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. On Wednesday, White took to Twitter to share his opinion on how the team should use it.

The Falcons are one of just a few teams near the top of the draft that do not need a quarterback. As a result, they should be in line to draft one of the best non-quarterback players in college football. White believes his team should either draft Jadeveon Clowney or trade the pick.

White’s idea really isn’t that far-fetched, though former teammate Brian Finneran does not believe Clowney will be available at No. 6.

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Roddy White on ESPN analysts criticizing Aldon Smith: You guys have ‘no doubt’ driven drunk before

Roddy-White-FalconsAtlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was back to sharing his insightful thoughts on Twitter on Sunday, this time just hours before his team’s game against the Miami Dolphins. White, who was apparently watching ESPN as he awaited his teams 4 p.m. EST kickoff time, said that the “Sunday NFL Countdown” analysts should give San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith a break.

The 23-year-old Smith has been in trouble off the field several times since coming into the league, but White felt that Keyshawn Johnson, Cris Carter and Tom Jackson were being hypocritical by criticizing him. Why? White assumes they have all driven drunk before.

Neither Johnson, nor Carter, nor Jackson has ever been arrested for driving while under the influence. Does that mean they have never had a few drinks and gotten behind the wheel? We can’t say, but White’s assertion that they have no right to criticize Smith because they have all probably done the same is ridiculous. The 31-year-old receiver then admitted the league has programs in place to prevent drunk driving.

These certainly aren’t the most idiotic tweets we have ever seen from White, but once again he has managed to make himself look bad by raising a dumb point. Aldon Smith needs to learn to stay out of trouble, or he’ll risk never fulfilling his potential. That’s simply a fact at this point, not an opinion.

Roddy White: Don’t start me in fantasy if I don’t practice

Roddy-White-NFC-PreviewAtlanta Flacons wide receiver Roddy White is dealing with a high ankle sprain that he suffered during his team’s second preseason game. The team initially downplayed the injury, but White admitted after Atlanta’s loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday that the injury did indeed hamper him. He also warned his fantasy football owners that they should be careful about starting him.

White was held to just two catches for 19 yards against the Saints. He was basically a non-factor in the passing game, which is something he said his fantasy owners can see coming if he doesn’t practice during the week.

It would stand to reason that White knows his body better than anyone else. Although, plenty of players have made a fantasy impact after not practicing all week — as anyone who has ever owned Hakeem Nicks would tell you.

Roddy has acknowledged his fantasy owners in the past and even apologized for poor performances. He could be trying to throw off Atlanta’s next opponent — the St. Louis Rams — by getting them to take him lightly, but fantasy owners should probably take his advice if White doesn’t practice much this week. High ankle sprains can be nagging injuries for wide receivers.

The Falcons may not be happy about White tweeting injury updates, but hey, it’s a step up from some of the incredibly idiotic tweets he has sent before.

Boston Celtics fan Roddy White goes off on Brad Stevens hiring

Roddy WhiteRoddy White is never one to keep his feelings to himself, and that was no exception on Wednesday.

The Boston Celtics shocked everyone by announcing the hiring of former Butler coach Brad Stevens as their new head coach. Very few people debate Stevens’ credentials, but most were surprised by the move because it came out of nowhere, and because Stevens has turned down every college job he has been offered, including prestigious ones like the UCLA gig. Making the leap from college to the pros is not easy, but many believe that Stevens will do fine at the next level. One person who doesn’t think so is White.

The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver is a big Celtics fan. He frequently tweets about watching his C’s play and is clearly a big basketball fan. But he is NOT a fan of the Stevens hire. He made that evident in tweets sent on Wednesday and Thursday. Here’s a sample:

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Richard Sherman, Roddy White exchange trash talk over NFL top 100 list

Richard-Sherman-Roddy-WhiteThe NFL Network recently began releasing its annual list of the top 100 players in the NFL, which is always a source of great debate among fans, players and analysts. While the entire list has not yet been revealed, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White have already begun hurling insults at one another over it.

Sherman, who is one of the league’s biggest loudmouths, was interviewed as part of the NFL Network feature. He singled out White, who was ranked at No. 39, when asked if he disagreed with the placement of any players on the list. Sherman came in at No. 50.

“Roddy White,” Sherman said emphatically, via Shutdown Corner. “Ah, top 100? No. In my book, he’s just not a top 100 player.”

As you might expect, White feels differently.

“I’m not going to come out and say he shouldn’t be a Top 100 player because he should be a Top 100 player, but he talks too much,” White said. “He has talked himself into a place where he has to play some really good football this year. I have no problem when he says I’m not that good or I can’t do this or I can’t do that. But I know the rest of the players in this league know what I can do, and that’s why I’m higher on this list than he is.”

Sherman spoke highly of White’s teammate Julio Jones but did not give Roddy any credit. Champ Bailey, who was also interviewed by the NFL Network for the feature, said Sherman talks too much and that White was dominating before Jones came into the league.

“He’s a front-runner,” White continued, adding that Sherman is the first guy he would want to face. “When things are going good, he’s all good. When things ain’t going his way, he has nothing to say — that’s just how he is. You let him talk in the offseason because that’s what he likes to do. You let guys like that talk, but at some point when September rolls around, you got to come play football.”

Let us remind you that White burned Sherman in the playoffs last season when the Falcons beat the Seahawks, but apparently nothing is going to shut the Seattle corner up. Some guys just don’t know when to turn it off.

Hakeem Nicks to Roddy White: Super Bowl rings don’t lie

Victor-Cruz-Hakeem-Nicks-Super-BowlSunday’s game between the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons will feature some of the best receivers in the NFL. Back in September, Roddy White made the argument that he and Julio Jones are a better receiving duo than Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. White downplayed Cruz’s abilities by labeling him a slot receiver and claiming that the “big boys play on the outside.”

Unsurprisingly, Cruz disagreed with White’s assessment and reminded the Falcons star that he has a Super Bowl ring sitting at home. Earlier this week, Nicks echoed his teammate’s remarks.

“Numbers don’t lie, or Super Bowl rings don’t lie, neither,” Nicks said according to the Star-Ledger. “So when you get (into) that battle about who’s the best, I think you just let your play on the field talk for you. You ain’t got to be talking with your mouth.”

Nicks and Cruz have combined for 126 catches, 1,656 yards and 12 touchdowns this season. Jones and White have been slightly more productive with 140 catches, 2,137 yards and 12 scores. From a talent standpoint, this one is pretty much too close to call. I would personally prefer White and Jones to Nicks and Cruz simply because Nicks has such an extensive history of injuries. He has yet to play a full 16-game season in his four-year career and Tom Coughlin admitted that he will likely never be 100% healthy this season.

Aside from that, the Giants win this argument. White can argue that he and Jones are the best pair of receivers in the history of the game if he wants, but none of that matters until you win a Super Bowl.

Victor Cruz responds to Roddy White with ring taunt

Roddy White was busy running his mouth like usual, but Victor Cruz has put him in place.

White and Falcons teammate Julio Jones joined NFL Network’s Michael Irvin for a sit-down interview that will air on Sunday. When presented with the suggestion that Giants receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz might be a better wide receiver tandem, White put down Cruz.

“I’m not taking shots at people, but Victor Cruz is a lot more of a slot receiver,” he said. “The big boys play on the outside.”

Even though White said he wasn’t taking shots at people, he did. And Cruz responded.

“I couldn’t care less about what anybody else has to say,” Cruz told the Star-Ledger on Friday. “I got a ring back at home. I don’t care about what Roddy White has to say.”

Cruz and Nicks have combined for 37 catches, 516 yards, and two touchdowns this season. White and Jones have totaled 34 catches for 453 yards and four touchdowns. The two tandems are pretty even in terms of talent, and if I were a franchise I’d be satisfied with either one.

But the best part is how Roddy White’s big mouth got him into trouble again (his assertion was factually inaccurate anyhow), and how Cruz put him in check. The Giants wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl if it weren’t for Cruz’s excellent play last year. Where was White when the Giants beat the Falcons in the playoffs?