Rodger Saffold: Raiders doctor told me I passed physical

Rodger SaffoldOffensive lineman Rodger Saffold ended up back with the St. Louis Rams after a free agent contract he and the Oakland Raiders agreed to was voided when he failed a physical.

The Raiders had an issue with Saffold’s shoulder and wanted him to have surgery, while the Rams obviously did not have a medical issue with the lineman. It was later reported that the real reason the Raiders failed Saffold on the physical is because team owner Mark Davis “pulled the plug” on the deal. In other words, the Raiders may have had second thoughts about the big free agent contract offered to the lineman, wanted out, and used the physical as an excuse.

Saffold hurt his shoulder during the preseason last year but played in Week 1.

According to St. Louis football reporter Howard Balzer, Saffold admitted to the media Friday that a Raiders doctor told him he passed the team’s physical.

If that is indeed true, it lends credence to the report that Davis killed the deal.

Saffold received a five-year, $42.5 million contract from the Raiders that included $21 million guaranteed. After that deal was cancelled, he signed a five-year, $31.7 million deal that included $19.5 million guaranteed. Not bad money for a mediocre lineman.

Mark Davis reportedly called off Rodger Saffold deal

Rodger SaffoldThe Oakland Raiders have found themselves at the center of the most bizarre story of the NFL offseason, which will not surprise anyone. They agreed to a contract with offensive lineman Rodger Saffold earlier this week only to call the deal off on Wednesday when Saffold failed his physical with the team. What the heck happened?

Saffold, who is now set to re-sign with the St. Louis Rams, suffered a dislocated shoulder in a preseason game on Aug. 8. He sat out the second preseason game but was back in time for the regular season. The 25-year-old has missed 17 games in the past three seasons, but his shoulder was said to be fine. The Raiders and team owner Mark Davis apparently disagreed.

According to NFL Network’s Mike Silver, Davis is the one who pulled the plug on the Saffold deal. Saffold left St. Louis on good terms, so his agents had called Rams executive vice president Kevin Demoff to help clarify the shoulder situation. Demoff assured Saffold’s agent, Kevin Herman, that a specialist had double-checked Saffold’s MRI results and that his shoulder was fine.

“We had him examined prior to the start of the season,” Herman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “And he was fine. The Rams physicians thought he was fine, and he played and he played great. Rodger told us that the Raiders’ doctor examined him and said, ‘You’re fine.'”

After that, Herman said Saffold was told by the team that he needs immediate surgery to correct his shoulder. As Silver noted, Davis was reportedly told that Saffold could have the surgery and be ready in time for training camp. He still nixed the deal.

Herman said that Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie apologized to him several times after the deal fell through. The Rams are apparently not concerned about a player who spent the entire 2013 season with them, because they are gladly bringing Saffold back. Perhaps Davis got cold feet and realized at the last second that Saffold wasn’t worth the $42.5 million the Raiders had agreed to pay him.

Rodger Saffold to re-sign with Rams after failing physical with Raiders

Rodger SaffoldThe Oakland Raiders announced on Wednesday that offensive lineman Rodger Saffold failed his physical with the team, thereby voiding the free agent contract the two sides agreed to. But don’t worry about Saffold — he’s well taken care of.

Both Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport say Saffold is headed back to the St. Louis Rams on a five-year deal.

The Raiders reportedly had concerns about Saffold’s shoulder, but the Rams did not.

Saffold failing his physical isn’t exactly a surprise considering he’s missed 17 games in the past three years. Though missing out on the deal because of the failed physical looks bad for the Raiders, it will save them from paying a guy who probably wasn’t worth it. The only problem is they let Jared Veldheer go in free agency because they thought they had Saffold, and now they have neither.

Saffold’s initial contract was five years for $42.5 million.

NFL Network’s Mike Silver says Mark Davis is the one who called off the deal.

Bill Polian: Colts Should Have Drafted Rodger Saffold Over Jerry Hughes

It’s not often that a team acknowledges a mistake, and it’s even more rare for an individual to do so publicly. Shockingly, both happened on Monday night. Stampede Blue, via Pro Football Talk, was listening to Bill Polian’s radio show and heard a surprising statement.

Asked a question by a caller, Polian, who is the Colts’ president, said the team made a mistake drafting Jerry Hughes over Rodger Saffold. Saffold was selected early in the second round by the St. Louis Rams and has been playing left tackle. Polian says the team erroneously evaluated Saffold as strictly a right tackle while the rookie has proved he can be an effective left tackle.

In contrast, Jerry Hughes was taken 31st overall by the Colts and has just three tackles on the season. The rookie defensive end from TCU has been inactive a good portion of the season, something that normally doesn’t happen with healthy first-round picks. Not only did the Colts overrate Hughes, but they also underrated Saffold.

While the miss hurts the team, Polian shouldn’t beat himself up — he’s hit several home runs including Austin Collie in the 4th round last year and Pierre Garcon in the 6th the year before. Oh yeah, he also took that quarterback from Tennessee instead of the big-armed prospect from Washington State. Everyone has their misses and this one obviously has cost the Colts, but Polian’s record speaks for itself.