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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Russell Branyan

Russell Branyan arrested for burglarizing ex-wife’s home

Former Cleveland Indians slugger Russell Branyan was arrested in Nashville, Tenn. Monday night for allegedly breaking into his ex-wife’s home and stealing items from the place. The warrant for Branyan’s arrest says the former utility man admitted to taking the items from the home on Oct. 30 and that he wanted to return them. From…Read More

Jim Edmonds, Russell Branyan Add to Weird Baseball Injuries

The extensive list of weird injuries continues to grow. Sadly, it looks like we also have a couple of repeat cases too. Reds outfielder Jim Edmonds hit a home run on Tuesday night and hurt himself circling the bases. Edmonds thought he had popped his Achilles tendon taking his victory lap but it turns out…Read More

Weird Baseball Injuries Continue

Baseball players must be made of paper mache because they keep getting hurt in the strangest of ways. We’ve already seen our share of injuries that occurred as a result of celebrations gone wrong, but now we can add to our growing list of weird sports injuries. For some reason, the common thread is that…Read More

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