Sage Steele shakes her head at a frustrated Bill Simmons (Video)

Sage SteeleBill Simmons is a man with a lot to say, but he didn’t get the chance to say everything he had on his mind during ESPN’s postgame coverage for Game 4 of the NBA Finals Thursday. When he finally got the chance to talk, he made it known that he was frustrated.

All host Sage Steele could do was shake her head, making it quite evident that this is an uncomfortable issue.

The foursome of Steele, Simmons, Jalen Rose and Doug Collins is a relatively new one for ESPN, but it’s one I like. For that matter, I liked it even more when Michelle Beadle was filling in for Sage, but it’s still a good group with Steele as host.

Hopefully ESPN doesn’t take this awkward moment as a cue to shuffle things; the last thing I want is more of Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon after games.

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Chael Sonnen to Sage Steele on SportsCenter: ‘Can I touch your hair?’ (Video)

Chael-Sonnen-Sage-Steele-hairChael Sonnen is one of the most entertaining characters in mixed martial arts. The main reason for that is that it seems like he has no filter. Sonnen says whatever is on his mind, whether the timing is appropriate or not. Need an example? Look not further than Tuesday’s edition of SportsCenter.

Sonnen was smack-dab in the middle of discussing his upcoming fight against Jon Jones with Sage Steele when an impulse came over him.

“Can I touch your hair?” he asked Steele. “Can I feel…”

The most surprising part? She actually let him do it. Kudos to Steele for handling the incredibly bizarre moment with poise. Sonnen went on to try to explain why he asked.

“I love your hair, by the way,” he said. “Has this ever happened before? Because everybody that has sat in this chair is thinking it, I can assure you. That’s real hair, people. And it’s very soft, I might add.”

Looks like someone’s in a good mood despite their opponent recently accusing them of cheating throughout their entire career. Saturday night’s fight should be entertaining and Sonnen probably isn’t done talking yet, but my money is on Jones.

Video via Barstool Sports

Did Sage Steele and Jalen Rose get caught on live TV making plans for a date? (Video)

Now, we want to preface this post by saying that Sage Steele is married and we hope nothing sordid is going on here. But when a live camera during SportsCenter on Friday hilariously cuts to her in Miami looking awfully flirty with a trying-to-play-it-cool Jalen Rose while he makes plans with her to go to popular South Beach restaurant Prime One Twelve, you can’t help but to think some Don Draper business is going on between these two kids. Yes, Lindsay Czarniak. “The magic of television,” indeed.

And for the second time in a week we’re seeing the risk of broadcasting live.

UPDATE: Rose would like the “shock media” to know he and Steele will be two of a handful of colleagues attending the dinner:

Sounds more fun than ESPN’s NBA Finals pregame show.

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