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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler skewer Andy Benoit in ‘Really!?!’ video

Remember Andy Benoit? Yeah, he’s the SI writer who said on Twitter that women’s sports in general were not worth watching. Well Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, formerly a tag team on “Saturday Night Live,” brought back their “Really!?!” bit on Meyers’ late-night show, and it was awesome. I lost it when Poehler talked about…Read More

Seth Meyers Makes Fun of Broke Dodgers During ESPYs Monologue

It’s official: the Los Angeles Dodgers are a national punchline. ESPYs host Seth Meyers spent a good chunk of his opening monologue ripping on the storied franchise for their financial troubles. Meyers mentioned All-Star outfielder Matt Kemp and that was his segue into the Dodgers’ issue. That’s when the fun started … “By the way,…Read More

Seth Meyers Goes Long on Greg Oden’s Schlong

Seth Meyers nailed it as the host of the 2010 ESPY’s. His opening monologue started off slowly but really picked up steam as he went along. The instant reaction from most twitter users was that Meyers killed it as host. Although he had some great lines such as his one about the Kardashian sisters, there…Read More

Seth Meyers Hosts the ESPYs … Really

So ESPN selected Seth Meyers to host the ESPY Awards 2010 … really. Because so many athletes don’t have games on Saturday nights nor are they out partying so they must all be familiar with Meyers … really. As a sports fan, you probably are wondering to yourself who this Seth Meyers guy is. Well,…Read More

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