Someone called 104.5 pretending to be Shane Spencer admitting to using steroids

Shane SpencerA man claiming to be former New York Yankees outfielder Shane Spencer called into Albany sports radio station 104.5 The Team on Monday and gave an interview where he spoke about steroids among the Yankees.

Spencer played for the Yankees from 1998-2002, batting .263 with 43 home runs for the team while winning three World Series championships. In the interview, the person claiming to be Spencer made a steroids admission and apparently spoke about other members of those Yankees teams using ‘roids.

A podcast of the interview with the phony Spencer remained on 104.5 The Team’s website until being pulled down on Tuesday night after the station learned of the hoax. Word of the interview made its way to the Yankees clubhouse, leading Derek Jeter to have one of the team’s video coordinators call the real Spencer, who serves as the hitting coach Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League.

“I listened to (the interview) for about a minute and I about threw up,” Spencer told ESPN New York on Tuesday. “I just want it out there that it wasn’t me.”

What’s odd is that the show’s host, Mike Lindsley, had been emailing Spencer over the weekend trying to set up an interview for Monday, but they could not settle on a time.

Spencer issued the following statement about the interview to ESPN New York and other outlets:

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Lindsay Lohan spotted drinking, hanging with former Yankees

Lindsay Lohan reportedly is moving from LA to New York, which should be a good thing because maybe she’ll do less driving this way. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be the sort of story we’d cover on LBS (though admittedly, we do stretch our boundaries quite a bit), but the mention of with whom Lohan was keeping company merits our attention.

According to the New York Daily News, Lohan was spotted drinking with former Yankees Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer at an Upper East Side bar. The Daily News reports that Lohan also did some karaoke. Scandalous!

Kelly, in case you forgot, was drafted by the Yanks in 1988 and played with them from 1991-1997, hitting 26 home runs while mostly playing second base. Spencer was drafted by the team in 1990 and played outfield for the Yankes from 1998-2002, winning three straight World Series titles. He tore the cover off the ball during his rookie call-up with the Yankees in 1998, bashing 10 home runs and registering a 1.321 OPS.

Don’t ask me what the trio were doing together. I’m guessing Kelly and Spencer were hanging out together and Lohan just happened to be there. My advice to them: stay away. That girl is crazy.

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Photo via Lindsay Lohan/Twitter