Shane Victorino disappointed with new MLB at-bat music rule

MLB has made a change with at-bat music, and the new rule dictates that songs can only be played for 15 seconds. That new rule has come as a disappointment to Shane Victorino, who had developed a great routine with Boston Red Sox fans.

Victorino uses Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” as his at-bat walk-up song. The Fenway Park crowd gets into it and begins singing along, with the stadium becomes especially loud with the “every little thing gonna be alright” part.

It’s definitely one of those cool little things that makes attending a game extra fun, but the tradition the fans developed last season will have to be altered this year.

With MLB’s new rule limiting the music to 15 seconds, ’”about a thing. Because every little thing gonna be all right” might not make the cut.

Shane Victorino grand slam“I just think it’€™s not right,” Victorino said about the rule via WEEI. “€œIt’s disappointing to hear that. I look at it this way: There was a stat of going into the box between pitch, I think mine was like six seconds, which was one of the top five fastest. So they ask me, ‘Why are you like that?’ I told them I wanted to get in the box and go. So this little stuff they want to change with music, for a guy like me of course it sucks because it’s not necessarily for me but it’s part of everything that goes on at Fenway Park when I walk up to the plate. Now you’re going to have so many disappointed fans every night because you’re changing that part of the game.

“€œI just feel like it shouldn’t be a designated time, Some guys take their time. Some guys that’s their rhythm. I don’t want to do just because I want to listen to the whole song. It’s because it’s the thing that’s been picked up and the way it happened toward the end of the season. That’s the only reason I let that part of the song go. If not, I don’€™t pay attention to that.”

Despite the new rule, I’m sure Victorino, the team and the fans will figure out a way to make it all work. They’re not going to scrap a cool tradition just because of a seconds limitation. I mean this is not the NFL we’re talking about here.

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Shane Victorino hits huge grand slam in Game 6 (Video)

Leave it to Shane Victorino to do it again.

Shane Victorino grand slamVictorino helped send the Boston Red Sox to the World Series by smacking a grand slam in the bottom of the 7th inning in Game 6 of the ALCS on Saturday to give the Sox a 5-2 lead over the Detroit Tigers. Victorino took a hanging breaking ball from reliever Jose Veras deep over the Green Monster in left to put the Sox on top. They won the game by that score.

If that swing and setting looked familiar, that’s because Victorino also delivered a grand slam in the 2008 NLDS as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies. In Game 2 of their series with the Milwaukee Brewers, Victorino took CC Sabathia deep on a 1-2 breaking ball with two outs in the second:

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Justin Verlander: Shane Victorino is ‘looking to get hit’

Shane-Victorino-hit-by-pitchBoston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino has practically eliminated the possibility of opposing pitchers pitching him inside this season. Because of a hamstring injury, the switch-hitting Victorino has been batting right-handed for most of the year. When he bats from the right side, Victorino crowds the crap out of the plate.

As a result, he has turned himself into a walking bruise and already tied the record for being hit by the most pitches in a single postseason. Victorino has been hit nine times. Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander feels The Flyin’ Hawaiian is wearing some of those pitches on purpose.

“I’ve seen some pitches that he got hit on that were strikes,” Verlander said on Monday, via Julian Benbow of the Boston Globe. “So, I mean, I don’t think you can worry about that. I think just whoever is the home plate umpire needs to be aware that he’s up there.

“Anything on the inner half, occasionally he’s looking to get hit. He’s up there, he’s right on top of the plate. And his arms are over the batter’s box and over part of the plate. If he doesn’t get out of the way, there could be an occasion that it could be a strike and it actually hits him.”

Unless he physically leans into the pitch (which Victorino may or may not have done this postseason), there is nothing illegal about the way he’s standing. And even if it was against the rules, the 32-year-old veteran knows most umpires would never call it. When asked about Verlander’s comments, Victorino said he is disappointed Verlander thinks he has been hit by strikes.

“It’s not like the umpires don’t know that I’m close to the plate,” Victorino said, via MLive.com’s Evan Drellich. “But you know, I’m not going to alter my approach and nor do I expect a pitcher to change theirs. Other than the fact, the only part that disappoints me in that quote, he thinks I’m getting hit by strikes. To me that’s — that to me is what disappoints me more than anything.”

Victorino has given new meaning to the phrase “take one for the team.” Game 3 of the ALCS is a bad time to change anything you’ve been doing all season.

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Koji Uehara startles Shane Victorino with vicious high-five (Video)

Koji-Uehara-smacks-Shane-VictorinoIn addition to establishing himself as one of the most effective setup men in baseball this season, Boston Red Sox reliever Koji Uehara has also earned a reputation as the league’s most aggressive high-fiver. When Uehara does his job in preserving a lead for Boston, his teammates need to be on their toes.

Apparently Shane Victorino has yet to figure that out. Uehara pitched a perfect eighth inning on Wednesday night against the Chicago White Sox to preserve 4-1 lead for the Red Sox and followed his performance by smashing the hands of his teammates in the dugout. Victorino was not prepared, which led to a smack across the chest from Uehara. Here’s the hilarious moment in GIF form, courtesy of NESN:


The Flyin’ Hawaiian won’t be making that mistake again. There’s no sitting down when Uehara comes off the field — period.

Shane Victorino crashed hard into the wall on a home run (GIF)

Shane Victorino wallShane Victorino went to the hospital on Sunday to have his ribs and back examined after he crashed into the right field wall at Fenway Park trying to catch a home run ball.

Toronto Blue Jays second baseman Emilio Bonifacio hit a bomb to right field with a man on in the top of the fourth inning against the Boston Red Sox. Victorino, who was playing right, raced back to try making the catch. Victorino clearly did not know where he was, because he slammed into the wall at nearly full speed.

The impact of the collision caused him to lose his glove over the wall and collapse to the ground.

Victorino stayed in the game for a few more innings, but he was replaced after the sixth. Jason Mastrodonado says Victorino left the game because he felt stiff.

The ugly irony is that Providence Journal beat writer Tim Britton says Victorino was saying the other day that he didn’t like the short wall in right and that he “was afraid he’d end up in the bullpen trying to make a catch.”

Victorino didn’t end up in the bullpen, but he may have been injured all the same.

This GIF shows how much he was hurt after crashing into the wall:

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Carli Lloyd was too busy playing soccer to realize Shane Victorino had been traded

Carli Lloyd is an Olympic hero. She earned that honor by scoring both of the U.S. women’s soccer team’s goals on Thursday during their 2-1 win over Japan in the gold medal game. As we know, the London Olympics have been a very busy time for all of the athletes involved. Twitter makes it slightly easier to stay up on what’s going on in the world, but it is not always that simple. A recent exchange of tweets between Lloyd and former Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino proved that earlier this week.

As the average baseball fan could tell you, Victorino has not played for Philadelphia since July 29. In fact, he has already taken on a leadership role with his new team, the Dodgers. As the Philadelphia fan blog The 700 Level pointed out, Lloyd is from a part of New Jersey that is relatively close to Philly. If she’s a Phillies fan and likes really does like the Flyin’ Hawaiian, she’s probably disappointed now. At least Carli can always dig out that old Nike celebration shirt if she starts feeling blue.

Shane Victorino already on Dodgers teammates about arriving at park earlier

Shane Victorino has been with the Dodgers for less than a week, but it looks like he’s already taking on a leadership role with the team.

According to Arash Markazi of ESPNLA, Victorino had already been in the team’s clubhouse for over an hour on Sunday prior to the team’s game at 4:10pm ET when a few of his teammates arrived. Victorino reportedly pointed to an imaginary watch on his wrist and said they “better start showing up earlier around here.”

The players in question were first baseman James Loney and reliever Javy Guerra, both of whom saw action in the 7-6 win.

It must be odd for a player who had only been with his new team for three games to start calling out his teammates, but that could be part of the reason the Dodgers acquired Victorino. Victorino has been to the playoffs the last five seasons and won a World Series. Maybe he feels he knows what the team needs to do to reach the Fall Classic.

“There’s definitely a ton of talent here,” Victorino said, per Markazi. “We’re in a position to win and now we just have to go out there and do it. We can’t press, we can’t do all these other things, everyone has to individually take care of what they have to and that’s what wins championships.”

As Joe Maddon has taught us, arriving early at the park doesn’t always help players, but it’s obvious Victorino wants to see more dedication from his teammates. Maybe his influence will help them beat the Giants in the NL West.