Southern Miss coach fools his players at end of practice (Video)

Todd MonkenSouthern Miss football coach Todd Monken decided to have some fun with his players at the end of the team’s practice on Thursday. The first-year coach put some players through fun events, and then he pulled a prank.

Monken had some players try to catch booming punts, and then he had others participate in a dizzy punt competition. Then, the coaches formed a pit full of pads and hid a ball in the middle. Two players would dive into the pile to see who could uncover the ball. For the second race to find the ball, Monken called on one offensive player and one defensive player to go against each other. He promised an all-you-can-eat barbecue meal for the offense or defense depending on which player found the ball. Only there was one issue: there was no ball in the pile.

The players were scrambling to find something that wasn’t there, and it wasn’t until after about 30 seconds that someone finally tossed a ball in the middle.

After an 0-12 season last year, keeping a loose atmosphere might be just what the Golden Eagles need.

Louisville-Southern Miss Fight at Beach Bash, Beef O’Brady’s Bowl Just Got Real

What better way to draw some interest to a meaningless game like the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl than adding a little boxing press conference spice? That’s exactly what happened on Sunday in St. Petersburg at the Beach Bash which was supposed to be a fun event for Louisville and Southern Miss leading up to their bowl game on Tuesday.

Players nearly got into a brawl at the Beach Bash which had to be called early. It actually seems like the Louisville players were more to blame:

“Someone said something disrespectful, did a little jawing after the dance contest… it’s all good,” said Louisville linebacker Dexter Heyman. It’s “just a little too close to game time, ya know?”.

“They started talking trash about us being in Conference USA, [that] we can’t dance… it was stupid. We’ll do our talking on the field,” uttered one Golden Eagle who refused to be identified. “A friendly dance competition and they take it all serious? It’s ridiculous.”

I can just picture these guys pounding their chests, arguing over whose Dougie was doper, and then a brawl broke out. They do realize they’re Louisville and Southern Miss, right? They do realize nobody takes either of them seriously, right? And they do realize they’re playing in a little something called the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl, right? OK, just checking, wouldn’t want them actually taking things seriously because it’s not like their game actually matters.

And if you want to know what things looked like at the Beach Bash, here’s a video:

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