In Which Jason Richardson Does His Best Jeff Gordon Impression

What is it about athletes getting busted for speeding that appeals so much to me as a story? Maybe it’s because of the careless, reckless nature of these stories, and how stupid they are (the incidents, not necessarily the players). Take Josh Howard and Kenyon Martin for instance, who left their better judgment at home when they decided to try out for amateur roles in the remake of Speed Racer. What’s the appeal there? And if you’re Jason Richardson of the Phoenix Suns, you may not have outdone K-Mart’s 101 in the 30, but you score bonus points for having your three-year-old son in the backseat without a belt:

Scottsdale police clocked Richardson, 27, traveling at 67 mph in a 40-mph zone of the 6500 block of East Camelback Road before the vehicle turned onto 64th Street. Police said Richardson then reached a speed of 90 mph in a 35-mph zone of the 5400 block of North 64th Street at about 8 p.m., when he was pulled over. The officer noticed that Richardson’s son was not in a child seat in the back seat.

For that, the team suspended him a game. The bright side is that J-Rich wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that he admitted to speeding up front with the officers. The downside is pretty self explanatory. Maybe he was just trying to get home in time to catch Desperate Housewives. Can’t imagine why that wouldn’t have worked with the officers.

Josh Howard in Speed Racer Remake

Even if Josh Hamilton drops out of the home run race in the American League, good to know the state of Texas will still have a triple crown winner this year. Mavericks guard/forward Josh Howard completed the trifecta by getting arrested for speeding in his hometown of Winston-Salem. Ironically enough, Howard was in town for a basketball camp sponsored by his foundation. Well, the campers should be happy to know that Howard was setting a great example by getting clocked doing 94mph and was charged with speeding, careless and reckless driving, and racing, according to the police report. That’s a pretty strong effort for just one evening right there.

Thing is, this just caps off the perfect season for Josh Howard. If you remember back in May, there was a report out there that Josh Howard threw a birthday party following the team’s Game 4 loss in the playoffs against the wishes of Coach Avery Johnson. If you remember correctly, the Mavs lost in 5 games to the Hornets, and Josh Howard had a horrendous series. Yes, and that all came after Howard admitted to toking up the ganja as well. Like I said, our man sure did complete the trifecta. All he needs to do now for the superfecta is follow in the Travis Henry footsteps.

Kenyon Martin Did 101 in 30mph Zone, Got Off with Preferential Treatment

Funny how LeBron’s speeding ticket was all in the news a few weeks ago, but nobody heard anything about K-Mart’s. Well, as Matt Watson explains, it’s because Kenyon’s speeding incidents happened two years ago but the prosecutor is just now getting in trouble for letting K-Mart off easy. And if you noticed above, I said incidents — as in plural. His escapades would give certain LBS readers who received certain tickets in certain cities just south of Las Vegas … a run for their money.

K-Mart was ticketed in January of ’06 doing 101 in a 30mph zone. About half a year later, Kenyon was ticketed for doing 103 in a 55mph zone. Wow. These could have been residential neighborhoods he was getting up to triple digits in. And though he had points on his license and was supposed to have his license suspended at the least, he got off because he got some sweet plea bargains. I can’t really blame Kenyon for hiring people to take advantage of our flawed legal system; it’s just a shame our legal system can be so easily manipulated. And hotdamn, 101 in a 30? Who does he think he is, freaking Jeff Gordon or something?