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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: speeding tickets

In Which Jason Richardson Does His Best Jeff Gordon Impression

What is it about athletes getting busted for speeding that appeals so much to me as a story? Maybe it’s because of the careless, reckless nature of these stories, and how stupid they are (the incidents, not necessarily the players). Take Josh Howard and Kenyon Martin for instance, who left their better judgment at home…Read More

Josh Howard in Speed Racer Remake

Even if Josh Hamilton drops out of the home run race in the American League, good to know the state of Texas will still have a triple crown winner this year. Mavericks guard/forward Josh Howard completed the trifecta by getting arrested for speeding in his hometown of Winston-Salem. Ironically enough, Howard was in town for…Read More

Kenyon Martin Did 101 in 30mph Zone, Got Off with Preferential Treatment

Funny how LeBron’s speeding ticket was all in the news a few weeks ago, but nobody heard anything about K-Mart’s. Well, as Matt Watson explains, it’s because Kenyon’s speeding incidents happened two years ago but the prosecutor is just now getting in trouble for letting K-Mart off easy. And if you noticed above, I said…Read More

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