Steve Williams Says He Should Have Left Tiger Woods Before Scandal Erupted

What was once a seemingly perfect marriage between Tiger Woods and caddie Steve Williams went south faster than a fresh Kim Kardashian relationship.  When Tiger was at the top of his game, he and Williams were seen as the most dominant pair in the history of golf.  An ended friendship and a racial slur or two later, it now seems like the two hate each other more and more every day.  Looking back on the situation, Williams said he regrets not leaving Woods much earlier in their careers.

“I think everything you do in life, you’d like to go out on a high as opposed to a low,” Williams told Yahoo! Sports earlier this week. “Looking back, perhaps after Tiger competed down here in Australia at the (2009) Australian Masters, it was a very memorable win. I really enjoyed that tournament. That was the last event he played before all the events transpired. Perhaps I should have, you know, left him then.”

That’s what we call a delayed attempt at the old, “You can’t fire me — I quit!” routine.  I’m sure there is an endless list of sponsors who also wish they bailed out just before the Tiger Woods scandal exploded into the spotlight, but that would require seeing into the future.  Williams is right to feel slighted by the way things ended between he and Tiger, but he needs to leave his emotions behind and get on with his career.  Everyone who finishes with a losing season wishes they hung it up back when they were the league MVP.

Golf clap to the USA Today’s Game On! for passing along the interview.

Steve Williams Says Adam Scott’s Win Was Best of His Life

Steve Williams was dumped as Tiger Woods’ longtime caddie recently and did not take it well. The New Zealand native is in competition with Tiger, and made it a point to tell the public how much he enjoyed his week on the bag for Adam Scott at the Bridgestone Invitational. Check out this interview he gave following Scott’s win:

Williams also revealed some more details regarding his recent split with Woods.

“He just called me up when I asked him to go and caddie for Adam, and he didn’t agree with it, and thought it was time to take a break,” Williams said. “In caddie lingo, that means you’re fired, simple as that.

“I was absolutely shocked that I got the boot to be honest with you. I’ve caddied for the guy for 11 years, I’ve been incredibly loyal to the guy and I got short shifted. Very disappointed.”

It’s hard to present much commentary on the firing without knowing Tiger’s reasons for the split. What we do know is that Stevie is going out of his way to tell the world how much more he’s enjoying his time with Scott. That comes across as somewhat, I don’t know, petty. Reminds me a lot of this guy, and that’s never a good thing.

Odds on Who Will be Tiger Woods’ Next Caddie

A shocker was sent throughout the golf world Wednesday when it was revealed Tiger Woods was firing longtime caddie Stevie Williams. Tiger seemed to be upset that Williams caddied for Adam Scott at the U.S. Open and AT&T National even though he gave Williams his blessing.

After over 12 years together, the two are parting ways and only two questions remain: how much hush money did Tiger pay Steve to keep quiet, and who will be the replacement? While we can’t answer the first question, we have an idea about the second.

We’ve seen odds placed on two different sportsbook sites and most of the names are the same. Here are the odds (on the left will be Paddy Power’s odds, on the right will be Skybet):

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