Chiefs fan gets tasered (Video)

Only preseason? Not a problem. NFL teams may have a lot of work to do before the regular season arrives in a month or so, but the fans are already in midseason form. Just ask the guy who got tasered by Arrowhead Stadium security during Thursday night’s Kansas City Chiefs-Cincinnati Bengals game.

And of course, an onlooker just had to yell, “Don’t taze me, bro!” while the whole thing was going down.

We’re not sure what the fan in the video above did wrong, but he didn’t want to be escorted from the stadium quietly. You can hear one of the officers fire up their Taser while dealing with him, though it didn’t seem to have a huge effect on the fan.


It’s great to have football back in our lives.

Video via Arrowhead Pride
H/T Deadspin

Bears fan tasers his wife, a Packers fan, following wager

John-Grant-mug-shotChicago Bears fans and Green Bay Packers fans generally don’t like one another. We’re guessing that isn’t the case with Packers fan John Grant and his wife, who happens to be a cheesehead. They just like to make friendly wagers that result in someone getting electrocuted.

According to The Daily Citizen, Grant was arrested early Tuesday morning after the Bears beat the Packers 27-20. His wife reportedly called police to report that Grant had used a stun gun on her three times. She showed the officers burn marks on her buttocks from where she had been shocked, which led to Grant’s arrest for the illegal use of an electric weapon.

Here’s the twisted part. Grant insisted he and his wife had made a wager on the game, and he Tasered her as a result of Chicago winning. After reviewing a series of text messages, police determined that Grant’s wife did indeed agree to the bet and consent to being Tasered if the Packers lost. She said, however, that she never expected him to actually do it.

Deadspin noted that Grant’s blood alcohol content was a whopping .137 while his wife’s was .155. It’s safe to say these NFL fans weren’t exactly thinking clearly. We’ve heard plenty of stories that involve people being Tasered, but this one is pretty shocking (see what I did there?). I don’t know what’s more baffling — that they agreed to the bet or that Grant actually followed through with it.

Finally, the Return of the Taser

It’s about time. I was beginning to have withdrawals. After being exposed to all these incidents involving the Taser, I was starting to think sporting event security teams may have been asked to cut down on the zapping. Fear not, Taser fans.  An incident that occurred at a Daytona Cubs minor league baseball game has restored the faith of those who look forward to seeing fans go down at the hands of an electric charge. Check out the video of a Daytona Cubs fan being Tasered after a struggle with security, courtesy of Busted Coverage:

The best part has to be the cop yelling, “Tase him! Tase him! Tase him!” Once again, a situation where I feel like the security staff showcased their laziness by dropping the guy with a Taser. You call that a struggle? There’s two security guards and one “perp” here. They obviously just love using these things. Maybe I would too if I was a cop, so I’ll try my best not to judge.

Video: Daytona Cubs Fan Gets Tased While Scuffling With Police! [Busted Coverage]
Video Credit: YouTube user SuperRandomFunnyVidz

Marquis Daniels’ Dad Willie Buie Was Tasered at Magic Game

I don’t know what it is but over the past few weeks people have been going Taser crazy. First it was some kid at a Phillies game getting Tased, then it was a Tiger Woods heckler at TPC Sawgress getting the electric shock treatment. I guess the father of Celtics guard Marquis Daniels, Willie Buie, felt he had to get in the mix too. The Orlando Sentinel via Deadspin says Buie was causing a disturbance behind one of the baskets at Amway Arena during Game 2 on Tuesday night.

Officers tried to escort a man, later identified at Buie, from his seat, but the man refused. Police say Buie responded by saying, “I’m not going, (expletive) you.”

When several other officers arrived to help, Buie continued to resist them. He was finally escorted out of the arena and to an area near the security office, reports show.

Once there, officers forced Buie to the ground and tried to handcuff him, a report shows. Buie kept his hands under his body and refused to be handcuffed, officers said.

And that’s when they Tased Buie who upon being shocked finally submitted to being handcuffed. I wonder if he was so paranoid about not being arrested because of his criminal history. Willie Buie apparently has a lengthy criminal past including spending 11 years in prison for a second-degree murder charge. Maybe now he has learned the peaceful way to heckle at a game — tossing up a towel during the opposing team’s free throws.

Boston Celtics player’s father Tased, arrested at Amway Arena [Orlando Sentinel]
Another Fan Gets Tasered, And This Time It’s A Player’s Dad [Deadspin]

Fan Heckles Tiger Woods, Pays The Price

Using a Taser has apparently gained popularity as the most efficient way of controlling unruly fans at sporting events across the country.  The Philadelphia Phillies’ security team made national news earlier this week when they used a Taser to drop a fan who jumped onto the field and outran them for a while — apparently angering the security guard who was chasing after him.  The PGA is now getting in on the action as a means of protecting Tiger Woods from inconsiderate fans.  According to Deadspin, via NY Daily News, Security guards at The Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach called the sheriff after a fan refused to stop heckling Tiger on Friday.  Apparently he still wouldn’t give it up when officers got there, inspiring deputies to Taser and arrest the fanTravis Parmelee, 36, of Jacksonville, Fla. has been charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest.  I’m shocked alcohol was involved.

Maybe the genius who flew banners with phrases heckling Tiger over Augusta knew what they were doing when they chose to take shots at him from an altitude of several thousand feet.  Clearly, the PGA isn’t going to tolerate any extensive harassment of its former poster boy, so it’s probably safer to do it that way if you must.  We knew when Tiger returned stories like this one would start surfacing.  I found it quite fitting that this particular incidence happened to involve the newest fad in professional sports — the Taser.  Gotta love this guy’s Hawaiian shirt, too.  Great touch.

Drunk Golf Fan Taunts Tiger, Gets Tasered at The Players Championship [Deadspin]
Drunk golf fan Tasered for heckling Tiger Woods at The Players Championship [NY Daily News]

Another Fan Runs on Field at Phillies Game: Taser Stays in Holdster

Okay, so apparently there are people out there who want to be Tasered.  When a fan ran on the field at Citizens Bank Park last night in Philadelphia, we were all a bit surprised to hear that security used a Taser to subdue him.  Another fan tried it just a few hours ago, one night after the Monday night incident.  There’s no possible way this guy wasn’t asking for it.  Unfortunately — or fortunately depending on your viewpoint — for him security kept the Taser in its holdster this time.  After reading the brief ESPN report, it actually seems like this fan chickened out a bit, as he reportedly gave himself up after being chased.  He had to have had last night’s incident on the brain before jumping out on the field — unless of course he was too hammered to realize what he was doing.

My guess is whether the guy gave himself up or ran around and avoided security for an hour, they weren’t going to zap him anyways.  Last night’s incident has created enough buzz (no pun intended) today, and I don’t think it would look too great from a PR perspective if the Phillies establish a reputation of using an electrical charge to subdue any fan who tries to run on the field at Citizens Bank Park.  I wonder if last night’s incident is going to come back to haunt them, and running onto the field in Philadelphia will become something fans do just to see what will happen to them.  Things like that can happen when alcohol is involved, so we shall see.

Another fan runs on Phillies’ field [ESPN]

Phillies’ Security Doesn’t Mess Around

Note to self and all loyal readers: if you’re ambition is to some day rush the field at a sporting event — and accept spending the night in jail to make 40,000 people cheer for you — don’t do it at a Philadelphia Phillies game. A fan had to learn that the hard way last night after he ran onto the field at Citizens Bank Park during the Phillies-Cardinals game. I’ve seen many fans run on to the field in my day — including in-person — and never seen anyone get taken down by a Taser. Apparently, this 17-year-old kid was just too fast for security and they got tired of messing around. Check out this video of a fan being Tasered after running onto the field at a Phillies game.

Teen Tasered while running on field during Phillies game [USA Today]
Video Credit: YouTube user jrr4media