Rick Pitino gets a Louisville tattoo as promised (Pictures)


One of the motivational tactics Rick Pitino decided to use with his 2013 national champion Louisville squad was the promise of a tattoo. Pitino promised his players that he would get a tattoo commemorating their tournament run if they ended up cutting down the nets, and the 60-year-old kept his word.

As you can see from the photo above that Louisville senior associate athletic director of media relations Kenny Klein posted on Friday morning, Pitino got a Louisville logo, the words “NCAA Champions” and his team’s 2012-2013 season record on his back left shoulder. Here’s another angle that gives you a better idea of how big the tattoo is:

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Auburn grad Giancarlo Guida has massive Toomer’s Corner trees tattoo (Picture)


The oak trees that sit on the Auburn campus at Toomer’s Corner will be dressed in toilet paper one final time on Saturday after the football team’s spring game. Thanks to Harvey Updyke, the infamous tree poisoner who plead guilty to killing the 130-year-old oaks, the trees will soon be removed. But they will live on Giancarlo Guida’s back forever.

Guida, a 2002 Auburn graduate, recently got a giant mural tattooed on his back that includes the Toomer’s Corner oak trees.

“I thought that was a great way to capture the trees after that a**hole killed them,” he told The War Eagle Reader on Wednesday.

The rugby ball is there to represent what Guida called his “fraternity.” He played for the Auburn rugby team from 1998-2002 and helped the Tigers win the SEC Championship in 1999. He said his wife was in favor of the idea at first and encouraged him to go through with it, but added that she was unhappy with the result because she thought it would be much smaller.

Hey, at least it’s not nearly as bad as the back tattoo that a fan of Guida’s most hated rival has.

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Photo via The War Eagle Reader

Florida radio host fulfills promise by getting FGCU ‘Dunk City’ tattoo (Picture)


Florida Gulf Coast has easily put on the most entertaining show of the entire 2013 NCAA Tournament. For starters, they are the first ever 15th-seeded team to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. That alone was probably enough to inspire someone to pay tribute to the team with a tattoo on his forearm, but it was the desire to fulfill a promise that led to a Florida radio host getting his FGCU ink.

103.9 FM DJ Big Mama in Fort Myers shared the photo you see above of his new tattoo on Wednesday. According to the station’s website (via Busted Coverage), Big Mama wanted the Eagles to win so badly that he promised to get a tattoo if they defeated Georgetown in the first round. You can see a video of him getting the tattoo here.

For those of you who don’t know, Dunk City refers to the nickname that FGCU because of the sick dunks like this they have thrown down throughout the tournament. Even the university itself has embraced the tag line.

And that’s not all. Their head coach also has a former supermodel for a wife and a tremendous sense of humor about it. The team has captured the hearts of thousands of people across the country with their up-tempo style and unique postgame celebration antics. The more we discuss it, the more I’m going to want a Dunk City tattoo. Since I don’t know how my wife would react to that, it’s probably best if I stop now.

Fan has Ronda Rousey autograph tattoo on her ankle (Picture)

Ronda Rousey tattoo

Ronda Rousey gave one of her most dedicated fans quite the treat when she spent some time over the weekend specially drawing a customized tattoo that included her autographed initials on the fan’s ankle.

Carey Fusco, who is a huge Rousey fan and calls the fighter one of her inspirations, tells Larry Brown Sports she ran into the UFC champ at the Tuff-N-Uff event in Mesquite, Ariz., over the weekend and told her she was interested in getting the fighter’s autographed initials tattooed on her ankle.

“[Rousey] was like ‘Really? That’s cool!’ and then said ‘let’s do it,’ ” Fusco recalled to Larry Brown Sports in an email.

Fusco then rolled up her pants, pushed down her socks, and let Rousey draw her initials on her ankle. Fusco says Rousey was very sweet and careful while taking her time on the design to make it perfect.

Fusco has been a Rousey fan for a few years and knew the fighter was destined for stardom long before she exploded in popularity. Fusco tells LBS she first saw Rousey fight at a Tuff-N-Uff event in 2010 and that Rousey stood out to her immediately. Fusco took a picture with Rousey that day — surprising Rousey with the request — and got to see her fight at Tuff-N-Uff one more time before the armbar master went pro.

A year later, she saw Rousey at the 2011 World MMA Awards in Las Vegas, by which time the fighter had become well known. She says Rousey told her, “Hey, I remember you from Tuff-n-Uff!” which instantly made Fusco a fan for life.

She ran into Rousey at the next awards show and says Rousey remembered her again and they took a picture. So when Fusco saw Rousey at the latest Tuff-N-Uff event, she decided to ask the superstar for the autograph so she could get it tattooed.

“The way I look at it, I have a custom tattoo designed by Ronda Rousey, somebody who has changed the face of MMA forever. I was a fan before she blew up, and watched her career transform and grow. Such an inspiration,” says Fusco.

We have seen some dedicated fans go all-out with tattoos of their favorite athlete or sports team, but not many of them can say their favorite athlete specially designed and signed their work. Carey Fusco can make that claim.

Photo credit: Carey Fusco

Fan has sick Ray Lewis calf tattoo (Picture)

Ray Lewis calf tattoo

When it comes to sports tattoos, it doesn’t get more realistic looking than this.

A guy named JD Baker shared a picture on Twitter of a Ray Lewis tattoo he got on his calf this week. Baker says he went to 15th Street Tattoo Studio in Edmond, Okla., for his work. As you can see, there is one shot of Lewis in pads, and another close-up of the former Baltimore Ravens linebacker’s face. At the bottom of the tattoo, it says “GOAT,” which is an acronym for “Greatest of All Time.”

Baker says he is going to get a tattoo of Deion Sanders on his leg next, and that he plans to make his entire leg a sleeve of tattoos with an NFL legends theme. Baker tells us he’s planning to add Drew Brees, and possibly a running back. It will be interesting to see who else makes the cut.

We have passed along a number of sports-related tattoos fans have gotten over the years. Some of them are pretty good, while others are pretty bad. This would definitely qualify as one of the good tattoos. It looks just like Lewis.

Photo credit: Twitter/JD Baker
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Steelers fan has a giant Terrible Towel tattoo on his chest (Picture)


Pittsburgh Steelers fans are some of the most dedicated in sports, and many of them like to show their commitment in the form of body art. Very few, however, do it in as detailed a manner as he gentleman you see in the image above.

This crazy Steelers fan tweeted a picture of his Terrible Towel chest tattoo at Pittsburgh linebacker LaMarr Woodley, and Woodley did the right thing by sharing it with his 170,000-plus followers. If you thought the dude who got that Brett Keisel tattoo was insane, think about how long this tattoo had to have taken to complete with all that ink. Not to mention how badly it must have hurt, but I suppose pain means nothing to you if you love your team as much as this dude does.

As Ray Rice could tell you, no player on the Steelers is more passionate about the Terrible Towel than Woodley. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy is Woodley’s new favorite member of Steeler Nation.

Thanks to SI Hot Clicks for the pic

Fan has tattoo that combines Alabama, Nick Saban and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ (Picture)


What do you get when you combine Nick Saban and your love for Alabama football with the “Sons of Anarchy?” You get one of the creepiest back tattoos you will ever see, which comes to us courtesy of this Alabama hate group on Facebook.

As you can see, some die-hard Crimson Tide fanatic came up with a unique idea for a tattoo on his back that says “Sons of Saban” above some sort of grim reaper with an Alabama logo mixed in. There’s a lot going on, to say the least. But with Alabama fans, nothing really surprises us.

In terms of the weirdo scale, I’d file this tattoo somewhere between that Chiefs fan’s head tattoo and AJ McCarron’s chest tattoo.

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