Raptors bringing back awesome purple jerseys next season

The Toronto Raptors will be celebrating their 20th year as an NBA franchise during the 2014-2015 season. If you were a kid who grew up in the 1990s, you probably had or knew someone who had a purple piece of clothing that was acceptable for a young boy to wear because it represented basketball’s newest team. That shade of purple is coming back next season.


The Raptors announced on Thursday that they will be wearing their original jerseys for select home games next year to commemorate the team’s 20th anniversary. Amir Johnson modeled one of the “Jurassic Park” throwbacks on Instagram.

I just might have to bust out my old Starter jacket.

Steelers unveil their 80th season throwback jerseys (Pictures)

The Steelers unveiled throwback jerseys they will wear this season to celebrate their 80th anniversary (the franchise began playing in the NFL in 1933). The team’s official Twitter account shared photos of running back Isaac Redman modeling the jersey, and I must say, they are hideous. They would definitely be right up there with the Broncos on our list of worst throwback jerseys ever.

Here are a few more photos of the uniforms:

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Oregon to Wear Throwback Jerseys with Cartoon Ducks (Picture)

The Oregon football team changes its jerseys a lot more frequently than I change my socks and underwear, so news about them unveiling a new jersey is never really news. The Ducks have rocked countless designs over the past few years, including these military-themed jerseys.  Now, Oregon is going old school and to someone like me their throwback jersey looks a little familiar.

You certainly won’t find these on our list of the worst throwback jerseys ever, but if Oregon was going to go Charlie Conway and Gordon Bombay they should have just gone all out.  Personally I find the cartoon duck to be a nice touch.  I would rather see that than what Notre Dame, Michigan, and their officials were wearing a few weeks ago.  The only question is will they try to win one for Hans.

Chest bump to Sports Grid for the picture.

Notre Dame, Michigan, and Referees Wear Throwback Jerseys for Night Game

Michigan hosted a night game for the first time in its school’s football history Saturday when they took on Notre Dame. Both teams wore throwback jerseys to celebrate the occasion, but they weren’t the only ones wearing old school duds. The referees had their pants up and their stirrups high, not to mention mail boy-style caps. Peep the steeze:


Here are a few more looks at the throwback uniforms being worn by all parties:

Fans don’t need throwback jerseys to get interested whenever Notre Dame and Michigan play, but the old school unis were a nice touch. Especially for the referees. That’s about the only way I’ll compliment them.

Plenty more pictures available at the Adidas Facebook page

Worst Throwback Jerseys Ever

Uniforms are one of the more interesting aspects of sports. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, we always like to see what teams are wearing. You may have noticed a trend recently where teams began wearing throwback jerseys as a nod to the outfits the franchise wore at some point during their history. Some of these uniforms are pretty sweet, but others are about the worst ever.

Who could forget a few years ago when we saw the absolutely awful uniforms that the Broncos wore for their throwback game? It’s still burned into my memory how ugly those were. Usually I don’t have a problem with teams wearing these because most of them are pretty cool. In fact, the Chicago Blackhawks have added a throwback jersey that they wore during 2009’s Winter Classic to their rotation now. But seeing some of these uniforms reminds me that some of these jerseys are more throwup jerseys than throwbacks.

So, I kindly ask that the following teams officially say adios to their throwback jersey so we no longer have to avert our eyes every time we see them.

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Green Bay Packers Sport 1929 Throwback Blue and Yellow Uniforms

If you tuned into the Packers-49ers game on Sunday expecting to see Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and the rest of the boys bringing the heat, you probably were surprised to see a team that resembled the Toledo Rockets on the field. That’s because the Packers were wearing their 1929 throwback uniforms that made them look more look twister board games than football players. Instead of their iconic green and yellow unis, the Packers had brown helmets, blue jerseys with yellow numbers, and gold pants. Check em out:

I know they didn’t understand how to trade on margin in 1929, but I didn’t realize they were also color blind. Brown helmets, blue shirts, gold pants, and blue socks? Yuck. These jerseys were so damn outrageous they were almost cool. So what do you think? Thumbs up or down? Should they make the list of worst throwback jerseys ever?