Todd Haley on His Way Out in KC, Romeo Crennel or Josh McDaniels in?

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking like one of the worst teams in football. They already got smacked at home by the Bills in their season opener and then found out that emerging safety Eric Berry had been lost for the year. Then, early on in their beatdown against Detroit, star running back Jamaal Charles slipped on the sideline and tore his ACL. He’s also out for the year. The team has lost by a combined 89-10 in its first two games and is having a disaster season. The head coach is likely to pay the price.

Michael Silver at Yahoo! Sports says the relationship between Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley has been strained since Pioli brought in Charlie Weis as the team’s offensive coordinator against Haley’s wishes. Silver predicts that if Pioli fires Haley, he will end up hiring Josh McDaniels. McDaniels is the offensive coordinator in St. Louis but he notoriously flamed out in Denver after two years.

Adam Schefter at ESPN took things a step further, suggesting Sunday that the Chiefs could fire Haley mid-season and promote defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel to head coach. It would be a natural move for Kansas City considering Crennel’s experience as a head coach and his relationship with Pioli, for whom he worked in New England. I was also told it would be a surprise if Haley lasted until week 10.

Kansas City will likely get slaughtered by San Diego this weekend, but they have winnable games against the Vikings and Colts after that. If they can’t pull out a win then you better believe Haley will be on his way to getting canned. Strange for a guy who earned Coach of the Year last season, right?

Todd Haley: Calvin Johnson Could Be One of Best Receivers of All Time

Throwing the “best of all time” phrase around over a young player is not always a good idea. The first issue that comes to mind with it is health. In order to become on of the greatest players of all time at your position, you have to stay on the field. Calvin Johnson is only 25 years old, so it would be way too early to speculate on whether or not he can join the likes of Jerry Rice and Cris Carter when all is said and done. Not for Todd Haley.

Mlive.com passed along a piece of Haley’s conference call with the Detroit media on Wednesday, during which he praised Calvin Johnson for being an extremely dangerous weapon.

“This 81, Calvin Johnson, was one of my favorite players as a receivers coach when he was coming out,” Haley said. “I thought he had a chance to be one of the best ever, and I think he’s kind of pushing toward that. You’ve got to handle him. If you just put the blindfold on, and hope a guy like that doesn’t hurt you, you’re probably going to have problems.”

Cris Carter and Al Davis would certainly disagree with Haley’s assessment. Trending he may be, but Johnson has been in the league only four years now and had two very good seasons and two very mediocre ones.  He has yet to catch more than 80 passes and cracked the 1,000-yard mark only twice.  The difference now is he has a quarterback who looks like he can play in Matthew Stafford, so we can truly see what Megatron is capable of.  In any event, receiving a compliment from an angry man like Haley is something Calvin can take to the bank.

Todd Haley Upset With Ravens for Running Up the Score in Preseason?

And the award for the shortest fuse in the NFL goes to: Todd Haley.  Seriously what is up with this guy?  The situation with Josh McDaniels last season looked like a little much at first, but it became more understandable when the talk of cheating came into play.  Then, we heard rumors that Haley and Charlie Weis used to scream at each other in the locker room before Weis left the Chiefs.  Only two preseason games into 2011, and Haley has already outdone himself.

John Harbaugh’s Ravens scored to touchdowns in the final two minutes of Friday night’s 31-13 win over Kansas City.  In the regular season, piling it on at the end of the game like that could be looked at as running up the score.  In the preseason, every second counts for players who are trying to earn a spot on the roster.  As Pro Football Talk pointed out Haley sees it a bit differently.

“I want to apologize to the Chiefs if they feel like we were not doing the right thing at the end of the game,” Harbaugh began his press conference after an awkward exchange with Haley after the game. “That wasn’t the mindset, OK? The mindset was – this is the preseason. If this had been the regular season, we would’ve been on a knee. The idea in that situation is to give those young guys who work hard and who are trying to make a football team – this football team or another football team – to play the whole 60 minutes and give them a chance to show what they can do. Offensive line, running backs, everybody.”

Isn’t that common knowledge?  Every coach in that NFL hates losing.  I think Haley just takes it a step further.  Accusing someone of running up the score in a preseason game is a huge reach.  Careers are at stake in the fourth quarter of a preseason game.  Haley will either have to keep the score closer or learn to deal with it — or take some Ativan.

Todd Haley Apologizes for Snubbing Josh McDaniels in Postgame Handshake

Much ado was made here and elsewhere about Chiefs coach Todd Haley wagging his finger at Broncos coach Josh McDaniels after the 49-29 Denver win Sunday (UPDATE: New video from KSCW explains what Haley said). Chiefs reporter Josh Looney told LBS that Haley may have been upset at McDaniels for leaving his starters in the game in the 4th quarter, saying that Kansas City pulled Jamaal Charles late in the Denver game last year, keeping Charles from achieving the single-game rushing yards record.

Well with a day to cool off from the disaster and after hearing about the public relations problem from the media (and potentially elsewhere), Haley was singing a different tune Monday. “I want to apologize for me not shaking Josh’s hand after the game,” Haley said during his press conference Monday. “I do believe in doing what’s right. That was not right. I let the emotions of the situation get to me too much and apologize to the fans and to Denver and to Josh.”

Issuing an apology was the right move from a public relations standpoint, but I have no problem with Haley calling out McDaniels if he feels like Josh was not displaying proper sportsmanship late in the game. I’ve maintained all along that Haley will have his chance at revenge in three weeks when the teams meet at Arrowhead Stadium. You know Kansas City will be pumped up for the contest.

Photo Credit: Joe Amon/Denver Post

Todd Haley-Josh McDaniels Postgame Handshake Was Uncomfortable (Video)

I probably shouldn’t have even labeled the postgame exchange between Todd Haley and Josh McDaniels a handshake since that never happened. Instead, Haley, upset over his team’s 49-29 embarrassing defeat in Denver, had words for McDaniels and capped it off with a finger wag. Check out the Todd Haley-Josh McDaniels handshake video if you haven’t seen it:

McDaniels wasn’t asked about the incident after the game while Haley said the matter was private. Reading Haley’s lips, it appears as if he mouthed the words “last year” during his wagging. My guess is that was a reference to the way Kansas City bounced back from a blowout loss to the Broncos in week 13 with a one-sided win of their own 44-24 in week 17. They’ll certainly be thinking revenge when the teams meet at Arrowhead Stadium in three weeks.

So what made Haley upset? Maybe it’s because the Broncos kept their starters in the game late and were still throwing the ball in the 4th quarter. You can put that on McDaniels if you want, but Haley will have the chance to shut him up December 5th.

UPDATE: KSCW via SI Hot Clicks shows the updated video where Haley is heard saying to McDaniels “There’s a lot of s*** being talked about you.”

Todd Haley Knows He Is Screwing Your Fantasy Team

Fantasy football owners know the worst possible thing you could hear about one of your players is “out for the season.” Owners will also tell you that the second most dreaded phrase in fantasy land is “running back by committee.” If you have a running back, you want him getting the bulk of the carries and scoring the bulk of the touchdowns, not sharing it with somebody else. Such is the case with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Running back Jamaal Charles is beginning to prove himself as a serious play maker with the ability to take it to the house at any moment. Contrarily, the Chiefs also signed Thomas Jones in the off-season who is known for his strength and durability but not his big-play capabilities. Most fantasy owners shied away from Thomas Jones in drafts figuring Charles was the up-and-comer, but they’ve been disappointed by the timeshare throughout the preseason and in week one.

Charles seems to be the better back and was the more prized fantasy commodity, but as long as coach Todd Haley continues to split the carries fantasy owners will be upset. It doesn’t matter much to Haley though, as he said “It’s a good problem to have. Now, in the fantasy football world I could see it being a bad problem to have. But we’re worried about the Kansas City Chiefs and what we need to do to win.” Worst part is he knows he’s screwing you.

You know what though? No position gets injured quicker in the NFL than running backs. Anything that prolongs a player’s career or keeps him healthy I support. I also don’t have T.J. or Charles on my fantasy team either!