NFL Should Discipline Lewand for DUI

On Friday night, Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand was arrested for drunk driving. Lewand was on his way home from a golf outing hosted by a former Lions player. As you can see in the Tom Lewand DUI video, he failed the field sobriety tests and when he finally agreed to take the breathalyzer test it showed that he was over twice the legal limit to drive. Yeah, that’s smart.

Now NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that Lewand may face disciplinary actions for violating the personal-conduct policy. Excuse me, but he may face discipline? This shouldn’t even be a question — he should be disciplined. Goodell keeps reminding us that it’s not just players who can violate this policy so I don’t even think there’s a question.

Lewand apologized and said he was “deeply sorry” his actions. Well I’m deeply disgusted. Are you telling me that you don’t have money for a taxi to drive you home? Are you telling me there wasn’t someone sober who could have driven you home? It’s not only embarrassing to Lewand, but to the Detroit Lions’ franchise as well. On top of the embarrassment, let’s not forget who dangerous it can be to drive drunk. And this is the man who is supposed to be a leader within the organization? The man who’s supposed to set an example for the players and employees to follow? This is a man who is supposed to make decisions that are best for the team and the city of Detroit, but he can’t even make a good decision for himself.

It’s pretty clear that Lewand deserves some sort of punishment from Commissioner Goodell. It would be an example of hypocrisy if no action is taken.

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Tony LaRussa vs. Tom Lewand: Who Was More Drunk?

Now this is what I call fun.  Don’t take that the wrong way — there’s nothing fun or funny about driving a vehicle while under the influence.  But getting the opportunity to compare the DUI traffic stop videos of two prominent sports figures?  That’s a good time, so let’s get to it.  Today’s match-up features long-time St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, who was arrested for a DUI and struggled with the alphabet roughly three years ago, and Detroit Lions President Tom Lewand, who was arrested for a DUI last Friday.

Let’s see if you can help me figure out who was more drunk at the time of their arrest.  Let’s just say both men handle themselves differently while under the influence, which tends to be the case with a lot of people.  First, have a look at the Tony La Russa DUI traffic stop video, paying close attention to his attempts at reciting the alphabet and walking in a straight line:

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