Tom Rinaldi gives Mark Dantonio hug after Rose Bowl interview

Tom Rinaldi Mark Dantonio

Tom Rinaldi displayed some questionable journalistic ethics when he gave Mark Dantonio a hug after completing an interview with the Michigan State coach following the Rose Bowl on Wednesday.

Rinaldi conducted the on-field postgame interview with Dantonio on behalf of ESPN, and the interview actually lasted longer than most postgame interviews. After about five questions, Rinaldi ended the interview. He was then seen on camera going in to give Dantonio a hug. The interview is below, but the hug was not included in the video shared on ESPN’s website.

Journalistic ethics preach an unbiased approach. It’s kind of hard to achieve that when the interviewer is hugging his subject.

I’d say this sort of thing is surprising, but we’ve actually seen worse from Rinaldi in the past.

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Jordan Spieth snubbed on handshake by Tom Rinaldi (Video)

Jordan-Spieth-snubbedJordan Spieth wowed the spectators at the British Open on Thursday by firing an opening-round 69. What’s so amazing about shooting 2-under? Muirfield is one of the toughest courses in the world, and Spieth is only 19 years old.

After the impressive round, Spieth sat down for a quick interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi. Unfortunately, he did not close out the intervew as strongly as he closed out his round. Spieth went in for a handshake at the end and Rinaldi wasn’t paying attention, which resulted in a horrible snubbing.

Typically the golfers stay where they are until the cameras stop rolling and shake hands with the reporter afterword. The youngster will learn that in time. Don’t be surprised if he cuts out handshakes altogether going forward.

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Andy Murray needles Tom Rinaldi for not wearing a tie (Video)

andy murray tom rinaldiAndy Murray was in such a good mood after wiping out Jeremy Chardy 6-4, 6-1, 6-2 in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open Friday that he teased an interviewer for dressing casually.

Murray was doing his interviews following the match and spoke with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi for a few minutes. The tone of the interview was serious, but that all changed after Rinaldi was done with his questions, leaving it open for Murray.

The Scotsman proceeded to needle Rinaldi for not wearing a tie and having his top button open. Murray even compared Rinaldi to Darren “Killer” Cahill, who he says was wearing a tie for their last interview.

The comments were odd coming from Murray, who isn’t exactly a fashion icon, but we appreciate him showing some personality.

Between his moment with Tim Tebow at the Sugar Bowl and this, it’s been a busy week of headlines for Rinaldi.

Tom Rinaldi puts arm around Tim Tebow at Sugar Bowl (Picture)


ESPN already has earned a reputation for covering Tim Tebow excessively, so it’s not exactly good for appearances when one of its employees is seen on TV with his arm around the quarterback. That’s what happened on Wednesday night when ESPN’s cameras showed Tebow on the sidelines watching his alma mater Florida play in the Sugar Bowl.

Tebow was seen chatting with ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi, who decided to put his arm around Tebow at one point. Rinaldi may have been doing it for a picture — or who knows what — but he just happened to be caught doing that at the moment when the TV cameras were on him.

We have no idea what kind of relationship Rinaldi and Tebow have, so it’s hard to comment on the gesture. We’ll just say that given the context of ESPN’s collective Tebowner, that’s not a good look for the company.