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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Tom Thibodeau

Bulls GM: No teams asked to talk with Tom Thibodeau

Tom Thibodeau may be difficult to work with, but the Chicago Bulls are doing a better job of turning him into a sympathetic figure than they are of validating themselves for firing a head coach that reached the postseason every year he was in charge. Before the Bulls fired Thibodeau on Thursday and blasted him…Read More

Report: At least three Bulls players threatened to boycott Tom Thibodeau

Several members of the Chicago Bulls wanted Tom Thibodeau gone so badly that they threatened to not show up to the team facility if he wasn’t fired, according to a report. Dan Berstein of CBS Chicago reported on Thursday that “at least three” Bulls starters ripped Thibodeau in their end-of-season meetings with management and said…Read More

Scottie Pippen supports Tom Thibodeau firing

Former Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen weighed in on the team’s firing of head coach Tom Thibodeau via Twitter Thursday, and the Hall of Famer supported the move. In several tweets about the matter, Pippen, who is employed by the team as a special advisor, described the firing as a decision that was “best” for…Read More

Bulls reportedly had security escort Tom Thibodeau out of facility

If you thought the divorce between Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls was an amicable one, think again. In addition to blasting Thibodeau in a press release on Thursday that officially announced he had been fired, the Bulls apparently felt that he could not be trusted to collect his things and exit the team facility….Read More

Tom Thibodeau fired by Bulls, blasted in press release

The Chicago Bulls announced on Thursday that they have fired head coach Tom Thibodeau. In a statement released by the team, Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf alluded to a lack of trust between Thibodeau and the front office. “While the head of each department of the organization must be free to make final decisions regarding his…Read More

Report: Bulls players did not endorse Tom Thibodeau

Barring an unexpected turn of events, the Chicago Bulls will soon part ways with head coach Tom Thibodeau. It is well known throughout the league that Thibodeau and the team’s management do not get along, but what about the players? Thibodeau has taken the Bulls to the playoffs in each of his five seasons as…Read More

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