This Hat Should be Blue, Not Gray

That’s UCLA pitcher Trevor Bauer below. His hat is worn down and gray. To the right is the rest of UCLA’s team. All their hats are blue as they’re supposed to be.

Bauer struck out 11 Gators as UCLA beat Florida 11-3 in their first game at the College World Series on Saturday. Bauer not only got the win but the 11 strikeouts gave him a school-record 152 for the season. So what’s the deal with his hat? According to a story appearing in the Daily Bruin, it’s the same one he received during his official visit to the school back in September 2008. We’re now in June 2010. I think that explains why the thing is so tattered and discolored. As long as he keeps humming the way he did Saturday, he can wear whatever the hell he wants on top of his head. Here are some more pictures of Trevor Bauer’s hat.

That thing is ratty as hell and all worn out, but hey, as long as it’s comfortable that’s all that matters. I’m just surprised it still fits.

Ahead of the Curve [Daily Bruin]
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Celebration Injury Strikes Again: UCLA Loses 2B to Broken Wrist in Dogpile

On Sunday evening UCLA beat Cal State Fullerton to win their Super Regional and clinch a berth into the College World Series for the first time since 1997. I noted that the team had a six-man high pileup in their celebration after winning, prompting pitcher Rob Rasmussen to scream “get the f— off me.” At the time, I said that UCLA didn’t learn the lesson from Angels first baseman Kendry Morales about the hazards of reckless celebrations. Unfortunately it turns out I was right because we can now add another athlete to the list of players hurt and injured while celebrating.

Bruins second baseman Tyler Rahmatulla, who had the go-ahead two run home run in the 9th inning on Saturday with UCLA facing elimination, will miss the College World Series because of a broken wrist. Rahmatulla’s wrist had been bothering him ever since the dogpile celebration the Bruins had on Sunday night and X-rays revealed the break. The sophomore second baseman was hitting .328 with a team-high 52 runs scored and 118 total bases on the year. Maybe next time the Bruins will settle for high fives and ass pats.

Rahmatulla lost for CWS [Inside UCLA/LA Daily News]

UCLA Doesn’t Learn Celebration Lesson

UCLA beat Cal State Fullerton 8-1 on Sunday to win their Super Regional and advance to the College World Series for the first time since Jim Parque and Troy Glaus donned the blue and gold. Junior Rob Rasmussen pitched them into Omaha with a complete game two-hitter, striking out nine. After getting the final out, there was a dogpile celebration that is commonplace on diamonds this time of year. I guess the Bruins didn’t learn the lesson of Kendry Morales and all the other athletes injured while celebrating. Though I didn’t hear of anyone getting hurt because of the dogpile, one player screamed out audibly on TV “get the f— off me.” He must have been at the bottom. Check out their dogpile that was stacked about about six people high:

Those guys were looking like the flaming onion volcano the chefs at Benihana stack up. And they wonder how players getting hurt in celebrations? Congratulations and all but let’s keep things under control next time.

Bruins end Titans’ title hopes [The Orange County Register]