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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: USC Fans

Report: Two USC fans went into cardiac arrest, one broke leg storming field

Thousands of USC fans stormed the field at the Coliseum following the Trojans’ 20-17 win over Stanford on Saturday night, and there were some medical consequences. KABC in Los Angeles reported after the game that two ambulances left the Coliseum to transport fans who had medical problems. ABC’s Curt Sandoval said “two people went into…Read More

Carson Palmer Tailgated at the USC Game

It’s really sad it has come to Carson Palmer tailgating in Los Angeles while his Bengals team is in Denver preparing for a game. Carson’s only 31 and still fully capable of quarterbacking a team to third in its division. That’s what he should be doing, not sipping Tecates (or Coke?) at USC tailgates. At…Read More

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