Drink VitaminWater, Get Banned by NCAA

Good thing I’m not trying to make it as a college athlete otherwise I’d be screwed. Looks like my favorite drink out there — VitaminWater — has some flavors that would be banned in college for having questionable substances. Deadspin tipped me off to this story from the Brown Daily Herald:

Six of Vitaminwater’s 15 varieties contain common stimulants or other psychoactive chemicals that could be problematic for both the University and the student-athletes, according to Drug Free Sport, an organization that conducts drug testing for NCAA schools.

A student who tests positive for a banned substance above a certain level, according to the NCAA, loses a year of eligibility. An “impermissible” substance is one that is not banned, but is against the rules for coaches or trainers to provide to students.

I’d have to give up Power-C if I were playing otherwise I’d be out a year of eligibility because I love that stuff. Luckily my other favorites are on the approved list. Just goes to show once again that you can’t trust everything you put into your body — it’s probably worth researching ingredients before you ingest.

David Wright’s Going to Make Millions off of Vita Water

With a nod to the real Mr. Brown for tipping me off to this story, considering he has taken up an equal enjoyment of the elixir as me, David Wright will be making millions off of Vita Water.

Mets superstar slugger David Wright cracked a financial grand slam that could be worth as much as $20 million when Glaceau – the Queens company whose VitaminWater drinks he endorses – was acquired yesterday by Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion.

Wright obtained a small slice of the popular beverage company last year.

But instead of taking cash to endorse the company’s flavored water brands, the third baseman, who says he started drinking Glaceau’s juiced-up beverages in the minors, took a 0.5 percent ownership stake in the company.

From the sounds of this story, either David Wright’s a genius, or the person managing his finances is. Almost $20 million extra? That’s like a whole new contract for Wright. It more than takes care of his inability to file for free agency while the Mets hold his rights. At times like, all you can say is get that sheep outta here! And it makes you wonder if David Ortiz and Brian Urlacher made the same genius decision.