Wayne Rooney scores his first ever World Cup goal (GIF)

Wayne Rooney finally scored the first ever World Cup goal of his career on Thursday, and it was a big one. Rooney netted the equalizer for England as they were trailing Uruguay 1-0 late in the second half.

Thursday’s game was Rooney’s 10th career World Cup game, and people were amazed by his scoring drought. He has 39 goals in international play but had scored no goals on 28 shots in the World Cup prior to tapping the ball in on a beautiful assist from Glen Johnson.


Rooney’s 216 goals for Manchester United are the third most in club history. I’m sure he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders now that he has found the back of the net in a World Cup game.

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Wayne Rooney shares pictures of his nasty forehead injury


Wayne Rooney was unable to suit up for Manchester United’s loss to rival Liverpool on Sunday because of a head injury he suffered during practice. He and teammate Phil Jones both went up for a header, which left a gruesome looking gash on Rooney’s forehead.

Because of the injury, Rooney is going to have to miss England’s two upcoming World Cup qualifying matches. Many fans have been angered by this, assuming that Rooney is milking the injury and choosing not to play through it. In order to prove them wrong, the 27-year-old posted some nasty photos of the gash on his Facebook page. Here’s another:

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Wayne Rooney’s Wife Asked to Stop Tweeting Out Key Team Info

Thanks to the spouse of Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney, we have our latest edition of “when Twitter goes wrong.” Wayne Rooney hurt his hamstring during a training session Friday morning. Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t want to divulge the information to the public, but a tweet from Rooney’s wife, Coleen, blew his cover.

According to The Guardian, Coleen tweeted Friday night that she was at home watching a Beyonce DVD with husband Wayne. That was an immediate sign that something was wrong because the rest of the team was at the hotel preparing for Saturday’s match with Stoke City.

Wayne Rooney missed the contest and the teams played to a 1-1 draw. Sir Alex Ferguson apparently has pointed out to Coleen that it would be best if she refrained from tweeting out revealing team information. She should have known better, but at least she knows now to be extra careful with it. And we do have to give her this — at least she was making better use of Twitter than her husband.

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Wayne Rooney In Awe Of Roger Federer’s Level Headedness

There is no debating the fact that Wayne Rooney is an international superstar.  Even if he does ride a pink jet ski every now and then, the guy is still a major celebrity.  Rooney is also known for being extremely arrogant and self-centered, which is why it is surprising to hear the Manchester United striker admit that he admires a person — especially another international icon.  What is even stranger than that is hearing the reason Rooney admires said icon.

According to the Daily Mail, Rooney is in awe of Roger Federer.  Ironically, the soccer star said he idolizes Federer for the way he is able to keep his emotions in check, something that Rooney has seemingly had problems with throughout his young career.

“I’d like to meet Federer,” Rooney revealed. “When he first started playing, he had anger issues. You look at him now on the court and how many titles he’s won and it’s incredible. The discipline he’s had to (stop) the emotions running over is incredible.”

Perhaps this is Wayne’s way of saying he’s trying to turn over a new leaf after recently being handed a two-game suspension for cussing at the camera when registering a hat trick.  This is also the same Rooney who viciously threatened a fan on Twitter who was heckling him.  Everyone needs a hero, right?  Might as well make it a 16-time Grand Slam champion.

Wayne Rooney, Manchester United Players Face Possible Twitter Restrictions

One of the best strikers in the world, Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, viciously threatened a fan via Twitter recently. Rooney told the Manchester United fan that he’ll, “put [the fan] asleep within 10 seconds.”

Rooney was responding to a Liverpool fan who wrote to him, “Rooney ya fat whore ill smash ya head in with a pitchin wedge an bury ya with a ballast fork ya fat ugly lil nonse.” Unfortunately Rooney didn’t ignore the tweet and had that harsh response.

Rooney’s irrational doings are causing a stir within the Man U organization. Manager Alex Ferguson couldn’t believe the idiocy behind Rooney’s comments and Twitter as a whole.

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Wayne Rooney Cusses at Camera After Hat Trick, FA to Investigate

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney recorded a hat trick, scoring three goals in a 14-minute span to help Man U come back from a 2-0 deficit to beat West Ham 4-2. He was understandably pumped up after scoring the third goal and let it be known with some profanity straight in front of the cameras. Here’s the video of Wayne Rooney cussing after his hat trick:

I know the Football Association plans to examine the footage to see if anything needs to be done, but allow me to say the TV cameras were in the wrong, not Rooney. Put yourself in his situation — you’re elated after scoring your third goal and celebrating with your teammates. You’re just not in a sane frame of mind and it’s possible you may be bellowing anything because you’re pumped up. The TV production crews need to understand there’s an inherent risk when you plant cameras and microphones nearby the field of play, and if anyone should make an adjustment it’s them, not him.

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Wayne Rooney Goal Video Against Manchester City – Bicycle Kick Lives on

Easily one of the most spectacular goals you will ever see was this overhead kick by Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney. Peep the video:

That brilliant goal helped Man U. beat Manchester City 2-1 and reminds us all how much better Wayne Rooney is than the rest of us. And with that amazing goal, Rooney also made up for those pink jet ski pictures we posted last year. Sorry Wayne, ride whatever the heck you want from now on.