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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Willie Mays

Barry Bonds takes selfie next to sleeping Willie Mays

Barry Bonds is not the first person to sneak up on a family member and take a selfie with said family member while he or she is sleeping. But when that family member is one of the greatest baseball players to ever live, it’s somehow just a little bit funnier. If you wanted to know…Read More

Willie Mays Love Letter to Gladys Cofield is a Must-Read

Once upon a time in the 1950s, Willie Mays had a beauty queen for a girlfriend.  Willie loved the young lady, Miss Gladys Cofield, very much.  As the Say Hey Kid traveled the country playing ball, he would receive letters and pictures from his love interest.  Occasionally, Mays would respond with a letter of his…Read More

Willie Mays Is High on Something

Check out some of my recent stories at MLB FanHouse if you’re so inclined… Willie Mays Thinks he could’ve hit 800 home runs Orlando Cepeda’s attorney is making a mockery of our legal system Former Dodger Clubby Tells all the Dirty Stories David Wells Thinks Clemens Is a jerk disrespectful Angels Want Garrett Atkins (and…Read More

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