Wilson Chandler’s Jersey Misspelled

It truly amazes me how frequently we seem to come across jersey mistakes for professional athletes. A few weeks ago it was Andray Blatche of the Wizards getting the treatment, and before that it was Danny Jennings of West Virginia and Kevin Williams of the Vikings. This happens so frequently it’s become a running thing here at LBS. The latest mishap was with the Denver Nuggets staff that misspelled Wilson Chandler’s last name:

Chandler just seems too easy to screw up. The good news is at least we know someone does the stitching manually.

David Lee Knocks Out Wilson Chandler’s Teeth with Elbow on Rebound

Wearing mouth guards has become an increasingly common practice in the NBA. Carl Landry learned why last year. Knicks forward Wilson Chandler just found out the hard way this year. Chandler went up for a rebound late in the 3rd quarter Wednesday night and got caught by and elbow from Warriors forward David Lee. Lee, the former Knick, came away with teeth marks in his elbow:

Chandler was a gamer and just spit his tic tacs out to continue playing. A search party was sent out looking for the teeth that had been stuck in Chandler’s mouth all along. As for the game, the Warriors came out with the win 122-117 and improved to 6-2 on the season. Lee went for 28 and 10 against his former team while Chandler poured in 27, nailing four threes. The double-double machine from Florida has seen his scoring average go down but the rebounds are still strong at 11.3 per game. Through eight games, Golden State is showing that they’re no joke.

UPDATE: Now with video